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I am thinking of having the bridal party deliver the bags to guests. How should we go about getting all their room numbers? or should we jus trust the bell desk to do it. My concern is if i drop them all off at the bell desk at like 3pm, and people dont get in until 7, everyone wont get their bags.

Should i just put the word out to expect a package and if your package isnt recieved by 8pm, to call the bell desk? This will alleviate the BP having to run around from room to room.  I wanted it to be a suprise, but to make sure everyone gets one, id have to let them know to be looking for it. The bellman desk at the hotel said that they can take and distribute bags, the guest just has to call them when they get to the room. the problem with that is that they would have to see they have a message on their phone, and personally i dont pay any attention to the hotel phone.

Re: Welcome bags

  • are you doing a meet n great the night of arriving?  im thinking of giving them to pple then
  • yeah but i dont want to make everyone feel like they are obligated to come since we wont be paying and with the time change people might be tired
  • I would ge the BP to deliver them if you don't think everyone will be at the meet and great. It'll be a nice touch and people might forget if you tell them to ring the bell desk etc. When is the meet and greet? Have you got time after or the next morning, so you could deliver the bags then to just those who didn't make it to the meet and great? Or is that wedding day already? That way everyone who rocks up to Meet and Greet gets one there - nice touch to give them something I think - and then yu only have to find out the other people's room numbers. I would assume everyone has a phone so you can call them? Or are you coming in from overseas like me?

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  • I agree too... I have been trying to figure out how to do this as well.
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  • I'm happy to see this post, as I was wondering the same. What are all of you putting in your welcome bags?
  • I mentioned this in a pervious post and a couple past brides had told me that there was issues with the bell service delivering them to the right rooms or delivering them at all. Not sure what hotel.
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  • i like this idea....not sure if I want to hand them out at the meet & greet only because I'm not sure if they will go out after and I don't want them to have to carry it around or misplace it =(.  I'd love to have them in the rooms when they arrive just not sure if that's possible...
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