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Update: Fit for a bride (long)

Sooo some of you may remember my not so great review of fit for a bride? Recap-basically i went to debis shop and both my mom and i LOVED her. I had pre-sold my vera wang wedding dress. I asked her to pick it up after the wedding, clean it and if she could just ship it to the new owner? She said great idea and no problem.  I asked when it would ship so I could update the new owner. She said they could pick it up Monday (even though it was a holiday, labor day, i even asked twice to confirm), and have it shipped out the next day. Well there was definately some miscommunication. Later that week I emailed asking for an update because I had no word that it had been shipped. She told me they didnt pick it up until Tuesday because monday was a holiday, and that since it was couture it would take a few weeks. I was like HUH, how did we go from one day to at least two weeks. No real response back other than her saying she would contact the new owner if I wanted to explain. Then the next week I get a call from gown preservation company in NY saying they just received my dress. I was SHOCKED. I was never ever told it was being sent somewhere else to be cleaned, let alone another state. They then tell me it will take a few weeks to clean and ship out! I immediately contact fit for a bride, who never replies to my email. So I call and leave a voicemail the next day. I looked on their website and it does say they send it out for cleaning. I called my mom to verify we were never told that and she agreed she also felt lead to believe they clean it there....and obvioulsy there was NO way it could be cleaned in a day like Debi had told us. So now two weeks in, some other company has just received my dress and it hasnt been cleaned yet. Fit for a bride sends me a RUDE email, which I have half the nerve to post, about they dont see why I am so stressed blahblahblah. Basically they just ignored me after that. Finally almost 4 weeks later my dress has shipped to the new owner. Fit for a bride told me they would keep me updated since i was "upset" and let me know once it was shipped out. NOTHING. they never emailed or contacted me again after the rude email. I waited a few days once my dress had reached the new owner then I emailed Debi and fit for a bride just letting them know that although the situation really wasnt a big deal, it was the way they handled it and the customer service. I chose them because of great reviews and felt I was let down big time. I hope they re think this situation and handle it differently in the future. I was an upset customer (weather they think I had any reason to be upset is besides the point), the customer service was TERRIBLE and rude. It showed they didnt care. If they would have just apologized from the begining and kept me updated I would probably be leaving a good review of them right now. Miscommunication and stuff happens, i totally understand....but just the way it was handled. I never ever received a reply or call back. Proves my point I'm a customer they dont care about. Anyways- I know there is great reviews and a lot of you have had good expeirences with fit for a bride. I wish I could say I was one of them. I just felt I should let everyone know about my expeirence since it wasn't cheap!

Re: Update: Fit for a bride (long)

  • thank you for posting. im sorry all this stuff happended to you.  in the reviews that i have seen for fit for bride most only had dress steamed.  until your post and review i hadnt seen where they cleaned and shipped.  so i thought all they did was steam. 

    hopefully they get back to you.  on the other end hope the other bride loved the dress as much as you did and things went ok on that end with the communication.
  • i agree with southerncutie..I hope this was a rare instance..and not Their norm... Some things can b soo much better if people are just honest
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  • Thanks for the update. I am so sorry this happened to you. I think I may explore other options regarding getting my dress to Vegas.

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  • Oh wow I'm sorry you had even more problems. I was considering using them but I've decided I'm not going to mainly because of the material of my dress (doesn't really need to be steamed). Hope future brides who use them for cleaning and shipping don't have this problem!
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