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Personalized Cigar Matches and/or Lighters

Hey Guys,

I am having a cigar roller at my wedding and would like to get personalized cigar matches and/or lighters.  Does anyone know any good websites?  Everyone I find has a minimum order of 100 or 200 and im only having 30 people.


Re: Personalized Cigar Matches and/or Lighters

  • Etsy and David's Bridal has matches for sale. I would use matches not lighters with the cigars and don't forget cigar cutters. Hope this helps!
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  • I'd probably forgo both.  The reason I say this is I'm a cigar smoker and the types of lighters and matches you can get customized typically are the worst possible options for lighting cigars, so any true cigar smokers would probably not appreciate them as much as the guests who are just taking them to save as a memento.  Cigar lighters should be butane-fed torch-style, not lighter fluid, and those are typically fairly expensive in comparison.  Matches, unless they're the right chemical composition meant specifically for cigars, can noticeably affect the taste of a cigar.

    Maybe a customized cigar carrier?  A friend got me a two-cigar little slide-together hard case kind of thing; might be able to find something like that for a reasonable price in bulk.

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