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wording for unhosted brunch after wedding??

We will be paying for the meet and greet (drinks and apps) ... but since many people may fly out on Sunday I don't really want guests to feel obligated to come plus I don't have the extra money to spend ... so if I send out itineary with info about the meet and greet, wedding  .... how do I word that the brunch is not hosted?? Do I put the price?  I don't want to look tacky but I don't want people thinking its on us.

Re: wording for unhosted brunch after wedding??

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    aegrish had it worded nicely on her bio - "join us if you wish"
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    It's best to spread "Non-Hosted" events by word of mouth and on your web site.
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    aegrishaegrish member
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    The intinerary wording I used is one my bio.  We mailed them out last week and our close friends already said they are glad we are giving them the option to join us and that since the buffet's we chose are reasonably priced they plan on coming.   
    I did use the wording Join Us if you Wish and listed the price, and the buffet website.

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    I wrote:

    We dont want our wedding night to be tinged with the sadness of saying goodbye to some of the guests who live far away. Therefore, we are going to invite you all to a final catch-up before we go our seperate ways.

    We have chosen the The Buffet @ Wynn. Sixteen live acton cooking stations and a sumptuous array of dishes elevate all-you-can-eat into a gourmet experience.

    The lunch menu starts at 11am and costs $22.95. It is well-known as the best buffet in Las Vegas!

    By listing prices, it makes it clear that it is unhosted.
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