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Too late to elope?

We are getting married in Vegas on 3/28.  We have sent out STD's and will be sending out invites next week, hopefully.  A few guests have booked hotel/flights.  Is it too late to just elope before that?  many people cannot come because of the economy or other reasons. 

Would it be totally rude to elope?  Reason- you ask?  We already have one little guy (15 month old) and I just found out I am pregnant and will be 16 weeks pregnant on my wedding day.  I will definately be showing and probably swollen (aka-fat), which makes me very sad.  Do I want to be a very pregnant looking bride?  I don't know!!  help!!!!
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Re: Too late to elope?

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    Well IMHO, if you have guest that have book hotel, flight, then you might not want to elope, unless you know they can get a refund. Now with that said, I understand why you want to just go! But also you only have until 3/28...Also how many can make it? Maybe just call that group and see if they want to head to Vegas early :)
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    Agree, you need to find out how many people already made their travel reservations and if they can cancel without incurring charges. Personally if I received a STD, made nonrefundable flight reservations and then found out you eloped, I would be a little pissed at losing money when I had to cancel my flights. BTW, congrats on the new baby. GL
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    I agree with stinkerbell.  If only a few of you were going to go anyway, call them up and see if tyou can go earlier.  Talk to those who have already bought their tickets first.
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    If you can arrange it in a way that all of your guests can get refunds, or transfer their flight to an earlier time to be there for the elopement, then I guess it would all work out. I would speak to each person individually tho, and make sure it can work for them. Otherwise, I'd say that it would be best for everyone if you kept your current plans. You don't want a bunch of angry family members on your hands! =)

    Since you only sent out STD's and not formal invitations, there's a good chance that none of your guests have booked a flight yet! =D
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