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UK Brides - Invite/STD advice

We are not getting married until April 2011. Flights apparently go on sale 11 months in advance and we are wondering what to do about invites/STDs. What did you do?
We have spoken to friends and family that we want to come to see if they are able to/would like to and know rough numbers however, we want to give everyone the information they need about the ceremony, reception and hotel we are likely to be staying at in advance so that they are able to book their flights ASAP (and hopefully get good deals on these).
Most of our guests will not have been to Vegas before and so we feel we need to give them a map and extra info to help them decide where to book, should we do this as a STD or a proper invite?!

What do you think???

Re: UK Brides - Invite/STD advice

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    thrashtobethrashtobe member
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    Hi im a uk bride and got married in las vegas. There is lots of Uk brides on a Fb group called vegas brides. if you add me on Fb my name is sarah thrasher and i will sent you an invite to our group. There is a few brides getting married this year and could help you with wording etc.

    See you on Fb.
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    GribblesGribbles member
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    I am a UK bride getting married in Vegas in March 2011. We have just sent our STD's out, so people have as much time as possible to plan and save.

    I put our website address on the cards, and it will be updated regaularly re hotel offers, our flight details, etc. As soon as the flights are released I will let them know know via the website or in person.

    I also have the Strip map on there, along with the US Visa Waiver link, discount websites and so on.

    We will be sending the invites our probably around September time, with RSVPs due back maybe by the beginning of December. I think this is a reasonable amount of time in advance for people to know if they are going to make it or not. We need a decent amount of time before the wedding to work out the logistics of the day, book transport, budget per head for dinner, etc.
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    LasVegas2011LasVegas2011 member
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    Hey, I'm a uk bride getting married in April 2011 too.  I'm also confused about what to do about STD/invites.  I just keep thinking about more and more questions i need answered.  Could you send me an invite to the group on fb too please?  I had a look for you on there but there are loads of Sarah Thrashers.  My name is SArah Penman and my picture is me dressed up with two other boys.

    Thanks x x
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