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so...last month...last min

Hi all. So we were supposed to get married next june, but we just got real sick of all the family drama we decided to get married in vegas. A week after that and we were married lol. So just a few reviews...

Little chapel of the west..
ABSOUTELY adorable! We wanted a very old fashioned, small, intimate, wedding and thats excalty what it was. Extremely quick. Hubby was even late stuck in traffic, they just let other couples go before us and let me and my dad, brother and mom hang out in the bridal room. They werent rude or pushy about it. Ceremony did go quick, ya, but in no way did it seem like the minister rushed it or like he did it thousands a times a day. They let us have a different set of vows read and i got to walk down the aisle to a song of my choice as long as i brought the cd. My flowers were done by the chapel and were beauitful. The photographer, Sam, was great and we walked out of the chapel with the dvd ceremony and disc of our pics.

For dinner we didnt have a reception, there were only about 15 people so we just all went to dinner at Magnolias inside Four Queens downtown. I didnt hear any complaints from any of my guests...and i know i loved my prime rib lol.

Stratosphere. Um.... Ok. As part of the limo package with the chapel we needed to stay on the strip. I wont be staying there again. First few little problems i was just kinda like whatever im getting married i dont care. Well, they better get their acts together. Water would come back up the drain in the shower then drain and leave the tub covered in black gook. Power would go out all the time. My paremts tv shorted out when they turned it on. Like sparked and smoked. My MILs heater went out. The buffet was the most horrible thing you could possibly imagine. My two yr old wouldnt even eat.

A family friend had his cousin take us to an AMAZING breakfast after the wedding. Idk where it was but it was called "the omlet house." im not a big breakfast person but wow! If you want a good breakfast...

Off the edge hair salon. Hair makeup veil placememt nail polish change. Loved it. She came to my hotel room and i just loved her! She did an awesome job

Thats pretty much my reviews lol. It was just a weekend trip. But it was excalty what we wanted, and honestly the one thing i truly remembered the most was looking into his eyes with the vows being read.

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