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Did I make the right decision on my dress?

Hello!Ok, well after a month of trying on dresses all over town, I finally placed my order today! Problem is, I am not sure if I made the right decision. AFter looking at the pictures, I still feel like I liked the Maggie Sottero  "Jovi" dress but I went with Enzoani Ankara. My mom was with me at every store I went to to try stuff on and cried when I came out in the Enzoani dress. She said it was the "one" but I never had that feeling with any dress I tried on. I loved "Jovi" but it was a little bit more form fitting and people said I looked slimmer in the Ankara so I went with it. Don't get me wrong, its beautiful, but I am nervous that I went with what everybody else was saying...I know the one I chose is beautiful and if fit my body well but why do I keep going back to the other one? It's done now and I can't take it back so it doesn't really matter but I am just worried that I didn't follow my gut.  Has anybody else experienced this feeling?? Any thoughts?
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Re: Did I make the right decision on my dress?

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    I had some doubts when I first picked my dress. My mother was sure it was the one and was being a little pushy. I kept thinking that another in the previous store might be better. I was mainly hung up on the neckline as all the other dresses I liked had the same neckline, but this one didn't.It was only when I sat down with my Mum and she described the other as beautiful, but pedestrian that I really looked at my dress properly and saw that it was indeed more "me" and had a lot more potential for dressing it up with some great jewellery.Had my first fitting a few days ago and I love the dress even more than I ever imagined!
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    I wondered "what if I come across another dress that I love even more??" Here's what you do....when your dress comes in....go in with your make-up done real nice and your hair somewhat how you'd like, take in a nice pair of heels and try the dress on with a veil. Don't look in the mirror until you're out of the dressing room and on top of that little pedestal.  When you look up into the mirror you'll see how it looks with the "whole package." I did this a few weeks ago and I lost my breath a little bit.  It was like 'oh my god i'm a bride!'  If you still feel kinda "eh" about it.....well hopefully you can find 'the dress' before the wedding and sell the one you bought?
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    I have been married once before and when I found my dress that time, I knew it was "the one" and never had any doubts at all.Then years later I would look at pictures of my wedding day and think, "Oh my word that dress is AWFUL!" (and I'm young so it's not like we're talking about some 80s or early 90s obnoxious dress here haha) So I'm not really sure there is such a thing as the "one" dress. If you think it looks good on you and so do others, it's probably just fine :o) It kind of sucks that we are programmed to believe that there is a "one" dress and that if we find it we will love it forever. Styles come and go, you know?
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    Thanks so much! You guys have certainly made me feel a lot better. I know I will love it and I couldn't have gone wrong with either dress. But I do feel like I am certainly in the minority of girls who have that "the one" moment with the dress.
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    I think once it comes in and you try it on again you will be happy! I did the same the thing yesterday, I ended up trying on 4 other dresses to "make sure" and in the was still the "one":)
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    I love my dress...but my mom was kind of pushy on trying to get me to pick another dress. I occassionally wonder if I should have picked the other dress, because I did like both.But, I am going with the one I did pick. I can't afford to be a two dress bride. And I do so love the back of my dress. If I could have put together the features on the 2 dresses I did like -  that dress would have been "the one."Either way, it's about me and my Fi getting married. Not a bout a dress, the food we serve, or the alcohol we ply our guests is about our future together.
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    I know I am very late to this post, but what is that you liked about the Jovi dress? The two styles are virtually the same. I think you picked the dress that everyone said was more flattering for your body. I bet there was some cuts and ripples and folds that helped, and that the other dress didn't accentuate/ or accentuated too much! Your family was there to help you. The decision is much harder when the styles are very different; but you only had to pick between two very similar dresses. You would've felt the same had you picked the dress that everyone kept saying was less flattering.
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    Thanks again. Good points from everyone. Yes, the dresses are similar so I am sure I got the best fit for my body. I know I will be happy when it comes in- I just needed a little reassurance.
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