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Hi everyone! I wanted to ask what your timeline was for the reception? I'm having a lunch reception at Maggiano's and Cassy gave me a basic timeline so now I'm trying to figure out if the following will work: Our reception is 1 to 4 pm 1:00-1:15 - guests arrive and seated 1:15 - 2:45 pm - food is served between this time, bride and groom and bridal party enter at 1:15 for introductions. Also, after appetizers, I think me and the groom will go around for table pictures. 2:45 to 3 pm - wedding cake and toast 3 to 4 pm - dancing --- this is when we'll have first dance, father-daughter dance, money dance (I think this will take up 30 minutes). Then I think I'll have everyone gather for a group pic, and the reception will wrap up from there. What do you guys think? I wanted to add bouquet toss but fiance doesn't want to do the garter. He didn't want a groom-mother dance either. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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    I think that looks decent, depending on how much food is being served. We also had a 3 hour block and cut/served our cake at the 40 minutes left mark, so pretty close to your timeline, but we did not do entry or any dances- just mingled after/between the meal with our guests. Also, we did a bouquet toss only, no garter- worked fine. One thing I would worry about is a father daughter but no mother-son dance. While he may not want one, would that offend his mom since (in my head at least) the 2 dances kind of go together?Another tip- have a waiter help you keep track of time- without my watch on I have no sense of time, and the reception flew by...the waiter had to remind us we only had 40 min to cut the cake.
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    Under Wedding Planning, then Reception ideas, the knot provides a basic reception timeline. You might find this helpful as well.
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