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Officiant absent at the wedding rehearsal

We are planning a 12.45pm wedding on a Saturday in May. We are looking for an officiant for the wedding. This is a semi-formal non traditional wedding. We anticipate the wedding taking no more than 15-20 minutes tops. One of the officiants we have contacted does not do a wedding rehearsal. The garden where are getting married has a wedding coordinator to help with the wedding rehearsal. Is it typical for the officiant to be absent at the rehearsal?  The portion she will be conducting with be about ten minutes long, the rest of the time will be for a poem reading, sand ceremony and walking down the aisle. 


Re: Officiant absent at the wedding rehearsal

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    You and FI could skim through her part over the phone, it really wouldn't be a long conversation.
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    Usually I have always seen the officiant at the rehearsal. But if you have a coordinator who can run through logistics with you (who goes where, who walks when, etc.), then like PP suggested, you could touch base with the officiant at another time only regarding her part.

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    We're doing premarital counseling with our officiant, and he won't be able to be at the wedding rehearsal.  As long as you can have a walk-through with the officiant beforehand, even if it's in a counseling session or meeting beforehand, make sure you have a wedding coordinator or have someone in charge of running the rehearsal, putting everyone in order, etc.  It's more important for the WP to be at the rehearsal than the officiant, since the officiant only deals with the bride/groom (and sometimes the bride's father with the "who gives this bride to be married" question where daddy gives you away, if you're doing that).

    Sorry I rambled.  Good luck!!! 
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    i was in a wedding last year, the minister wasn't at the rehearsal and it worked out fine.. the rehearsal was just a run down of where everyone was going to stand and when things were going to happen (singing, etc). the rehearsal itself was maybe 10 minutes long... and there was no planner/consultant to assist with anything... the rehearsal wasn't even at the same spot as the wedding! 
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