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So it's 11 days before my wedding and....

My reception photographer cancelled.  He's got some interesting reasons why and I'm just distraught...

Re: So it's 11 days before my wedding and....

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    Oh no! I am so sorry to here that....any back up photog's you liked? or maybe a family member who is good with a camera...
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    That sucks!i would look at the photographers the knot has listed and start calling to see if anyone can do it on short notice. i would explain to the what happened with other photographer.
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    That's awful!  I am so sorry.  I'm sure you can find someone in Vegas.  What a jerk, though.  If it was me, his reasoning better be that his leg was just cut off.  I'd probably still suggest a wheelchair.
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    Try contacting: Mike Lichtenwalner Photography 702-353-2804 or Email [email protected] They will be doing my pictures in Dec 2009.
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    Oh no! So sorry- hope you sort it out
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    That's horrible!  I hope you find another photographer. 
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    That's awful! What is his reason? Also, which photographer was it?If you had a contract, does it say anything about him arranging an alternative in this kind of situation?Hope it all works out for you!
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    Call Cardin Creative. 702-318-1139
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    OMG!!!  Call Mindy at Sun Bean Photography right away!  She is doing our reception and is EXTREMELY reasonable for pricing.  See if she can help you!  Tell her Rachel Wenger sent
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    Thanks for all the replies everybody.  I had chosen to let an aquaintenance who is just starting his photography business do the pictures.  We're having the chapel professional for the actual ceremony, but I wanted another for the reception.  After he came to me and cancelled, not long after I posted on here he came back and said he realized what a jerk he'd been and is now doing our reception for free.  Especially since he's using it for experience and his portfolio.  After much discussion my FI and I decided to let him do the pictures but none of the photo retouching as we had previously planned.  I have a friend who's an amazing graphic artist that can do real magic and she offered to do them for us.  The last two days have just been so stressful!
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