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I feel like I'm on a pedestal (sorry its long)

This past weekend FMIL called FI to create drama in her life. FI was mad at what was going on with her, but then saw the real picture. He called FMIL and told her to grow up. He also told her that she needs to ignore what others say and be her own person as he has become his own. Furthermore he told her that he is in love with me and going to marry me regardless of who comes, and that I have a good head on my shoulders and that he has been giving the opportunity for a better life than what he had when he was with her. I feel good about that. His mom was always about her self and never about him even though its hard for him to admit that. She always relied upon men in her life to get buy, and that got him nothing but moving a ton falling behind in school and never having friends. Since he settled down in here about 8 years ago, and has not moved out of the city he has reunited with his brothers and sister that were taken from his mom before he was born, and now has a healthy happy relationship with them. It made me feel great that he told his mom that, because she really is evil. I still fear she will try to ruin the day, but oh well I will have security to help prevent that. Sorry it was long. I just feel relieved and happy and excited that all my doubts were just that doubts I made up in my head. AHHH

Re: I feel like I'm on a pedestal (sorry its long)

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