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Ladies please share your Neon Museum/Boneyard photos with me

We've booked Todd for 8 hours for our Feb 2010 wedding and we really want to do a 1 hour photo shoot in the Boneyard. I love all the photos that I've seen there but cannot remember which Knotties had their wedding photos there. If you have any boneyard pics will you please share them with me? Also, I'm a bit confused about something the Neon Museum and the Boneyard the same thing? Or are they different sites completely?

Re: Ladies please share your Neon Museum/Boneyard photos with me

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    Its the same site, just gets called different things. Just remember that the signs move and change pretty often so what you see there now may not be there in the future.  All our pictures are up and there is a link in my bio.Have fun, it's a great place.

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    Pics in my planning bio.
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    LellsBells FI recently inquired about a photo shoot in the Boneyard and was informed by the museum that they would be closed for photo shoots and tours for 3 months starting in December.We are really bummed since we were planning having photos there!  Maybe Todd has some pull over there?GL
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