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Hi there!I read your wedding bio and it was very helpful to me. Thank you so much! I'm having my reception at Maggiano's. I'm also using All night Long as the DJ and Bentley Wilson. Planning to use to the Palette and Creations Bakery as well. I was wondering how early you booked the bakery and the florist? Also Maggiano's had given me another florist recommendation....Susie from Organix floral. Did you talk to her at all? I also want to use the same linen company. Did you call the company directly or order through Maggiano's? Ok..last question..  : ).....saw you had all three rooms booked with 9 tables and a sweetheart table. Wondering how many were at your receptions total and where you put your bridal party? Thanks! I also booked all three rooms and am nervous about space for a dance floor. We seem to be having all of the same vendors! Thanks for any info/help that you have.: ) Lindsay

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    Hi, I'm so glad that my bio was helpful for you!  Hopefully I can answer all of your questions...-I booked the Palette in December, so about 8-9 months out.  I didn't book Creations Bakery until about 2 months out.  I didn't talk to Organix floral at all so I'm no help there.-For linens I used RSVP Party Rentals and Cassy arranged everything for me.  I just told her the colors that I wanted and how I wanted them arranged (i.e. green linens with blue overlays, etc.).  She arranged everything for me and I really didn't have to do anything except pick what I wanted.  It is a lot easier for her to arrange for everything because she knows the dimensions of the tables and the billing is also arranged through them.  I actually never spoke to a representative at RSVP.-We had 67 guests at our reception (includes bridal party).  We weren't sure of our guest count when we booked and didn't want to feel restricted on who we invited so we booked all 3 rooms just to be sure.  Almost all of our GMs and BMs had kids or friends and family coming with them so we had them sit with the rest of the guests at the tables.  The BP was pretty much at about 4 "VIP" tables that were closer to our Sweetheart Table.  Our BP appreciated the fact that they were free to sit with friends and family and not have to sit at a BP table and leave their spouses or dates.  We had more than enough room for a dance floor and our guests also loved the patio.  Good luck with your planning and let me know if you have any other questions, I still love talking about the wedding and wish we could go back!Angela
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