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Do I need an aisle runner??

We are getting married in church and I was wondering if I have to have an aisle runner??

Re: Do I need an aisle runner??

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    I don't think it's necessary, I'm not having one. It just comes down to whether or not you want one.
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    Our church has a tiled floor, and I was afraid it would make the aisle runner super slippery, so we didn't have one. That, and I didn't see a reason for one anyway.
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    nope we are not having one,
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    we arent having one. we were going to, theres a cute store here in town that does personalized EVERYTHING, and were going to get one with our names on it. however, when talking to the church they recommended not having one, due to the kind of carpet they have, they said it can cause the runner to not lay flat, making it hard to walk on. You may want to ask the church.
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    No need for it.
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    Yeah, we're skipping one, too. The church we're using actually is set up a bit weird; it has two aisles rather than one, so to have a runner down one aisle and not the other would be too lopsided for me, and it would be silly to roll out two if we're only using one. It's a weird, quirky issue for me that I don't want to have to worry about, so we're not using one at all, lol.
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    I'm undecided, but am leaning towards just "outlining" (for lack of a better word) the aisle with petals or something.
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    No, you don't need one.  It's purely a matter of personal preference.
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    I work as a church organist, and we strongly discourage the use of aisle runners.  They rarely pull evenly, so they have wrinkles in them.  That can cause tripping.

    And they're really unneccessary.  They used to be used to protect the bride's dress from the dirty floors.  But really~that's hardly the case anymore.  My DD had an outdoor ceremony, and there was not any dirt or grass stains on her dress. 

    An indoor carpeted floor would offer even less of a "dirty" hem concern.

    As for the pp who said she wanted to "outline" the aisle with petals:  be sure to check with your venue.  We don't allow petals at all.  Real ones stain our carpet, and silks are a PITA for our custodian to have to clean up after the ceremony.
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    DD used an aisle runner and it worked out well. The floors were oak and I was afraid it would slip and move. During rehearsal the pastor came over to me and said something about them not working well.  I told him I'd tried to discourage DD but she had gotten one anyway.

    Before the MOG was seated (by the groom), 2 ushers pulled the aisle runner out. I don't know what length she bought but even though this was a really long aisle, it was plenty long.  It was a light fabric and when they got to the back the groom leaned down, tore it off with his hands (it wasn't an even tear by any means!) and tucked it under the floor mat. 

    I wouldn't have thought of it but it worked perfectly. It was a heavy mat.  He escorted his mom, my son escorted me, they shut the doors after me and opened them for the BM and then shut them again after the MOH, then opened them for DD and her dad. He escorted her down and that runner never budged at all.

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    The one thing it did for us was soften the sound of the shoes as the the MOB/MOG/BM/Bride walked down the aisle. With solid wood floors the heel noise might have been loud (might not have been, not sure).
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