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Welcome reception help!

I'm trying to get a head start on designing our invites on Vistaprint. I'm having trouble finding the right wording for our welcome BBQ. Instead of a rehearsal dinner we want to spend time with everyone the day before the wedding (right after the actual rehearsal), so we plan on hosting a big BBQ at a local park. Pretty casual, everyone's invited....can't figure out how to convey that on paper!!Thanks ladies :)

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    Have you thought about doing it in the form of a little poem? Something like:While china and crystal can be just fine,All we want is to have a good time!So before we say the big 'I do'Join us at........... for a barbecue!And then follow with the details of when where to meet?Sorry the poem isn't very good! Might help as a starter though? 
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    Gonna be honest, really not a fan of wedding poetry.  (Though that was definitely one of the better examples.  It actually rhymes and has a meter, unlike most I've seen.)If it's right after the rehearsal, it's still a rehearsal dinner, even if it is really casual and open to everyone.  Perhaps you can call it a non-rehearsal dinner, or a rehearsal barbecue.  Definitely choose casual invitations and informal wording, and it will get the point across.  (I've been calling ours a "rehearsal" lunch, since we're not having a rehearsal but still feeding everyone.)
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