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Mandalay Bay brides, question for you?

Are you at all concerned with how far away MB is from the rest of the strip, and how everyone will get around? We're not requiring that anyone stay at MB with us, of couse, but everyone seems to want to, and I'm worried about how everyone will get around. It's a long walk up to mid-strip. I know there's the Deuce, but does anywhere know where near MB you can pick it up?
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Re: Mandalay Bay brides, question for you?

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    We're not really concerned.  There's a free tram that runs between Excalibur and MB, and Excalibur is just on the opposite corner from MGM Grand, which has a monorail stop.  So it might take a bit longer, but you don't actually have to walk the whole way.  We have a page on our website which covers all the possible transit options, and the ups and downs of each, and we do warn that MB is a bit of a hike.

    Cabs are also plentiful and not terribly expensive, and I know that several of our guests are planning to rent cars.  I would just give them as much information as you can and let them make the decision.
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    nearly all of our guests are staying at either Excalibur, Luxor, or Mandalay Bay with us. We have not requested that people stay near us, but everyone has wanted to. So these 3 hotels give them different price points all within walking distance.
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    I would suggest the Tram and Monorail over the Duece.  We stay at Mandalay whenever we go to Vegas and I never feel too far away.  Mandalay provides enough promos and discount rates that I don't think guest really end up paying all that much more, and the extra is certainly worth it. 
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