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Reserving Spot for Meet & Greet Dinner

Hi all! I've searched through the posts and can't really find an answer to my question. So I want to have the meet & greet dinner where everyone comes and pays for themselves. I really just wanted to get everyone together but we cannot afford another dinner for our guests after the reception. I was wondering if anyone has experience setting that up with a restaurant. We won't have more than 50 people. Do you just call and make a reservation for 50 and let them know it will be everyone paying for themselves or do we all just show up and hope they can accomodate us? I guess I'm unsure how to reserve a space at a restaurant without having to pay an f&b minimum because of the large number of guests. Any thoughts or suggestions will be super helpful! Also, I'm not that particular on the restaurant or buffet right now so any past experiences/ideas are great! Thanks all!
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Re: Reserving Spot for Meet & Greet Dinner

  • I'd definitely recommend proposing that to the restaurant in advance because quite a few would be very unhappy if you wanted to reserve a huge space and then have them set up 25+ separate bills.  If they know the situation in advance, you'll be able to determine who would be happy to accommodate.

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  • agree with all of the above - we did that as a casual thing (though we did make a reservation that they didn't have on the night of) and while there was lots of room- our waitress was not happy with us and made it known... we had about 30 people show up at different times etc. Buffet is a good idea if you want to keep it as simple as possible
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  • we couldn't find a dinner location we could afford so somone on the board suggested a bowling meet and greet. we will have a younger crowd and thought this will be a much cheaper way for everyone to meet and hang out.
  • Thanks everyone! I like the idea of a buffet then people can just pay individually and we don't have to worry about the headache of checks. I think I might look more into that. Any good buffets we can go to that aren't too expensive? The only one I am completely against so far is the Spice Market in PH, that place made me sick last time we went lol.
    I did also hear back from Hussongs and she said they would be able to give us a preset menu and split it into a couple checks so people would know how much money to bring (I'm guessing we would have to tell people to bring cash only for the dinner which is another inconvenience but I guess not unheard of). I thought that might be an idea and I really liked how accomodating and fast they were in responding to me.
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  • We had our meet and greet at BLT Burger in the Mirage and it was fantastic.  They reserved a spot in the restaurant for us.  We had about 35-40 people.  The general manager was phenomenal to work with.  They customized menus for us and stayed within our price point.  They even printed out the custom menus and gave us a laminated one as a keepsake.  He also turned the music down so we could make speeches and present our wedding party gifts.  There was no food and beverage minimum!  I would highly recommend this place as they were very friendly, the customer service was outstanding and the price was right.  We paid for our guests, so I'm not sure about splitting the check.  Just ask the manager and see what they can do.  Hope this helps!
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