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May 18, 2012 - Reviews Part 3

Harmony Medina – A+++

Harmony is great not only did my bridesmaids and i look amazing all day and night (even through the sun soaked boneyard shoot) but she was full of great wedding and baby advice. After a morning with her you will feel like you could have a new best friend.

Neon Museum aka Boneyard – A++++++

The boneyard is the coolest place on earth i am totally in love. It’s in sketchy neighbourhood we actually saw a pants less man on his porch. Erin coordinated everything for us and she was great. I can’t wait to see the pictures. Well worth the photography fee. 

Travis Allen – A++

Travis was a huge hit especially with all of the older guests. He had them in a conga line in no time. He was about 5 mins late but was ready to go when he arrived.  He preformed our 3 picks plus he opened with hound dog. He really is an uncanny look alike. He likes to perform right by the door to the bedroom, which worked out extremely well for us having moved the big table to the bedroom. We booked him through gig masters and i sent all my song and outfit selections to GK his manager/father. Over all a wedding highlight.  

Super Liquor - ? 

This is the liquor store directly across from Mandalay Bay we could actually see it from the suite. They staff was extremely helpful and they had a pretty good selection however the prices we later found out were not that good. As a Canadian I think you only buy booze at Liquor stores of course the Americans are now shaking their heads. Yep we bought $600.00 worth of liquor, beer and wine only to go to a grocery store and a pharmacy both which had bottles we had just bought at lower prices. We weren’t to bothered cause to be honest we just wanted to start the vacation part of our vacation so we weren’t going to try and return items and buy new ones. I just wanted to make sure the out of country people know that taking the time to go a little further off the strip is way cheaper.

Re: May 18, 2012 - Reviews Part 3

  • Great reviews. Congratulations...and Congratulations! (wedding & baby) looking forward to seeing some photos when you get them! :)
    {Formally Hiltonsgirl}
  • Congrats on the Mrs and the baby!!  Such an exciting time.  Thank you for the reviews!  How long did your 'mini' strip tour take with Todd?

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  • congratulations on both counts!! so glad to hear everythng went so smoothly :)
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  • congratulations on both parts. 
  • congrats on the wedding and baby and thanks for the reviews!! :)
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  • Congrats x2!!!
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  • simoniksimonik member
    Thanks for the reviews! Congrats on being a Mrs. and congrats on the baby news :)
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  • Congrats on everything, sounds like it went perfect!! Cool
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  • Congrats!! Cannot wait to see pictures
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  • Congrats on the wedding and baby :)  I appreciate all of your reviews and can't wait to see pics.
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  • direy25direy25 member
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  • akr1287akr1287 member
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    Congratulations!!!  I am going to have an insuite reception in one of the Vista suites at  Mandalay Bay and am having around the same amount of guests.  Would you say there would still be plenty of room even if you added a dj??? 
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  • Congrats x2!!!!!
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  • krisstyle12krisstyle12 member
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    Congratulations on the wedding and the baby! I am having an in-suite in a Vista at MB and was wondering what you did for music? So glad it all worked out well for you. I still have tons of fears about noise complaints too. Also, how much additional was your "server?" And lastly, did you do your boneyard shoot the day of the wedding? We are doing it too, but maybe not the day of...

    Thank you!
  • SD210SD210 member
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    Congratulations and thanks for the reviews!!  Cannot wait to see your Neon Boneyard pictures!
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  • ellebaileyellebailey member
    edited May 2012

    Thanks & Thanks everyone J I will update with pictures when I get them.

     frankenstiensgirl – We had to be at the neon boneyard at 4:30 so we had an hour and a half for our mini strip tour. We probably could have made one more stop in that time but I didn’t want to be late.  

    akr1287 – I would say no, the DJ would fit but there is no clear space for dancing. We had plenty of room for some sitting and standing but i think with that many people dancing would be pushing it. When I get more pics i will post so you can see what I’m talking about.  

    krisstyle12  - They have a built in speaker system and I just did an ipod playlist to be honest outside of the ceremony the music was more background. I had heard reviews about the ipod system not working to well and my husband actually broke it by pulling the entire system out of the cupboard but we called down to reception and they sent someone up to fix it (actually took 3 people). This was while the party was going on so really the hotel doesn’t care about parties as long as you don’t disturb other guests. Our server was $25.00 an hour so $125.00 + tip and was well worth it. And lastly yes we did it the day of the wedding as i didn’t want to have to pay for hair/make-up twice and re-steam my dress and husband suit. It was a big day especially with swollen ankles but it worked out perfectly for us.
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