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Make up in the 702 prices?

I'm wondering if any one has used or is planning to use this company for their hair, make up and tanning.

They have fantastic reviews on wedding wire and i'm hoping to be able to have a trial while im in Vegas over Christmas and New year.

Also does anyone know what the price range is for their services?

I've tried the website but it doesn't have any pricing info...i've e-mailed them so will hopefully hear back soon....just checking incase anyone has any other info, it would be much appreciated!
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Re: Make up in the 702 prices?

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    When I got a price quote a year ago it was 250 for hair/makeup and if you wanted a trial it was 75 for hair and 75 for makeup. They had great reviews and were so nice, but a little out of my price range.

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    I am booked with Megan for my hair and make up plus tanning and the above prices are still accurate as of when I booked with her in April.  MOB/MOG is $200 for both services.  Tanning is $75 for one person but goes down if you book more than one person.  She is really sweet and generally very prompt with email replies despite being incredibly busy.  Hope this helps! And yeaaa! I finally came out of lurking :)
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    Thanks for the info

    Megan emailed me today, real quick reply - which was good!

    Just waiting to see if she's avaliable for a trial when we're over at Christmas Laughing

    Yay critnol...i've been a lurker for ages too, finally started posting now our year mark has passed for the big day!
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