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Hey girls.  I am helping my MOH plan my bachelorette party seeing as she's never been to Vegas before.  I need help with the timeline of activities and where to go for dinner.  We want to do a pole and stripper tease class, go to dinner, hit up a club, and maybe some gambling.  Trying to figure out what time to schedule the class for so everyone can go back to their rooms and get ready for a night on the town.  I'm also trying to figure out a fairly inexpensive place to go to dinner. 

On a side note I would also like to take my girls to get their nails done and need some recs on some fairly inexpensive places on or near the strip.  I have a car so that won't be a problem.

Sorry this ended up being so long.  TIA!!!

Re: Need Some Ideas

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    Whenever I am in Vegas with a group of ladies, I try to not plan too much! If you are walking around, a lot of the time club promoters will come up to you and offer you free passes to different night clubs in order to get girls in the club. We usually decide where to go once we have lots of free passes to choose from!
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    Maybe you should schedule your strip tease class for around 5p, it's only about an hour. Go to dinner right after, finish around 7:30 or 8 then back to the hotel to change? Good luck, have lots of fun!
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