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Nevada-Las Vegas

Skyline Chapel at the Quad

Has anyone gotten married there or know someone who has?  I am planning a wedding in Vegas but I live in Texas.  I like the place based on online pictures but I would really like to hear if it is a good experience from someone who has actually been there.  Thank!

Re: Skyline Chapel at the Quad

  • Have you seen these on Vegasgroom's site? http://www.vegasgroom.com/TheQuadakaoldImperialPalace_138.html Also, if you search, you may be able to find older posts from Kristyle who posted a review late summer. Yay, Skyline!!
  • I'm a Skyline Bride but my wedding is in April.  I went based off of price and the photos I saw online.  I booked before they seemed to be nickel and diming people and got some fees waived and such so it worked out perfectly for us and our budget. 

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  • I was booked with them until two days ago.  i love the look od the chapel and the current coordinator is very sweey but I was nickle and dimed to death and eventual cost of my ceremony and the feelings of frustration I was having just weren't worth it to me anymore.  I switch the the Cosmopolitan's pop up chapel two days ago.

    I think that if you don't want to make any customizations from the original packages then it's a wonderful choice.  
  • They offer the ceremony a la carte as well so you can just add what you want. That's what I'm doing. Best of luck!
  • Im with Emilia al a cart!! Woot woot. ive seen the chapel in person its beautiful!! now the waiting area outside the chapel is way outdated but guests will only be there10 min max. let me know if u have any questions maybe i can help =) im getting married there June 15th
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  • Here's a link to my review: I did the Ala Carte

    I know many of you are curious about this chapel so I will bust this out ahead of all the other reviews since I was the guinea pig.

    Chapel: B+
    Wedding Coordinators and Minister: C
    Imperial Palace Floral: A (4 bouquets, 3 bouttannieres) $200

    The casino is not as bad as everyone said (disgusting, dirty, nasty). It was fun! It is under construction which sucked. It took us forever to find the chapel. And finding our shuttles afterward was a pain. It was a blast walking through there in our wedding clothes.

    My WC was not there at all. I met the minister and he explained how it all works. The chapel was cute. I won't say beautiful. Pretty? Maybe. I told them I wanted the blue lights and their standard set up is exactly what I wanted. I asked them to cover the picture up front which was some stupid garden scene. He said it wouldn't look right covered up and would be a black hole in my pics. I told him to put up the Vegas scene then, he said OK and NEVER did it. In the end, my pics came out great so I'm not trippin.

    My Dad giving me away:

    When the strange WC came in, she was nice, but a freaking idiot. I paid for my own CD to be used. I had 5 songs to be played:

    -Sade "By Your Side" for guest seating and bridal party (repeat until e/o is in place)
    -Case "Happily Ever After" for FI to walk out to
     -Lion King "I Just Can't Wait to be King" for the kids to walk out to
     -Alicia Keys- "I'm Ready" for me, and
     -Ne-Yo "Let's Go" for the recessional.

    Yeah, you are only supposed to have 4 songs, but I paid $125 for this CD and that should have been the end of the discussion. The WC could NOT understand how I wanted it to go. It took this chick all of the 15 minutes leading up to the ceremony until she got it through her head. At one point I almost threw the idea of having my own music out the door but my photographer and BMs told me NOT to back down to her and to TELL HER how it was gonna go. The flow went perfectly, the music sounded great and the WC told me afterward that it was a great idea. I don't know why it took her so long to get it at first.

    I told the minister that I wanted to mention FI's deceased mother--again with resistance. My photog told me to stand my ground. He didn't want to mention something "sad" during the ceremony. He wouldn't mention her name. At this point, I was like "Fine. Whatever. Just mention that she would be proud." And he did, which almost brought out the water works for my husband so I understand why they don't want to mention sad stuff. But how hard is it to say her name??

    It all worked out great in the end. The ceremony was short and sweet. I used my own photographer and my guests could take all the pics and videos they wanted. This was my main reason for booking IP and for that it was great. I hope the pro pics come out nice! The guests pics show the room looking brighter than I wanted it to look in pics.

    If I could do it all over again, I would have had the ceremony in the same hotel as the reception. We had 45 guests and everyone fit fine with room to spare, but it was a challenge for guests to understand that there were 2 different venues and the construction threw people off. If MB would let me use my own photog the entire time and my own CD, I would have just done it there.

    This is how I wanted it to look:

    This is how it looked (non-pro pic):

    More reviews to come!!!

    Questions? [email protected]

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