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Nevada-Las Vegas


Hi girls,
I'm having trouble with invites for vegas and our at home reception. We had an overwhelming # for the guest list. We narrowed the list for Vegas to closest friends and family.

I'm sending seperate invites for Vegas and at home reception. I need an idea of how to do the RSVP card for the invites to people who are going to vegas. I need a count of who will go to vegas but also the at home party.

Do I do 2 seperate RSVP cards for the vegas people in the same envelope or is there a way to word all of it on one rsvp card.....any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Invites/RSVP's

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    Are you sending the AHR invite separate from the Vegas invites for the Vegas invitees?  If so, it sounds like the easiest option is to included the individual RSVP card with the appropriate invite.

    If not, you might want to do an RSVP with 4 options: (of course worded more appropriately)
    - I'm coming to Vegas and your home reception
    - I'm coming to Vegas but not the home reception
    - I'm not coming to Vegas, but I will be at the home reception
    - I cannot make either event

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    Okay, so I checked my etiquette book:

    "When the wedding ceremony is private and large reception follows, the invitation to the ceremony is extended orally or by personal note."

    If you're trying save paper, maybe you could do an evite for those invited to vegas.
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    I'm usually big on the etiquette, but I'm doing the same thing -- Vegas wedding, AHR.

    I'm only having my parents, my sis and BIL, my brother, FI's sis and BIL, a couple of good friends and if FI's father stops being a world-class jerk, then he and his wife too. Including us, no more than 15 people.

    Those people get a DIY invitation set (I love to scrapbook, so I'll just make them. I really like Checkerboard invitations, so I'll do something similar and just print it myself).

    Everyone else gets a regular invitation to the reception. I'll probably do it as an announcement/invite to the reception combo.

    Would a simple DIY invite work for you for the ceremony guests? A lot of stationery stores have kits. I saw a bunch at a craft store that were really cute and around $50 for 50. Wait for the 40% coupon in the circular and save yourself some $$. They are easy to print too. Just get someone to proof it for you first!

    Good luck!

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