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is it worth getting a dj?

We were just going to use an iPod but I like the idea of having someone to emcee and not having to worry about the right songs coming on on the right moment. Also their sou d system will be much better. The reception is at the wicked spoon in the private room, the only dancing with be our first dance and parents dances. The rest of the music.will be for cake cutting and background it worth hiring someone for the three hours so I wouldbt have to worry about anything?

Re: is it worth getting a dj?

  • I think.. if its in ur budget and wicked spoon allows a dj...then it would b worth it.. as long as u can use one that is good and not crazy expensive... I know dj Godzilla has great prices for a 3hr time frame... it doesn't hurt to check and see if he is available...or whoever u choose to use..if u need any help..if I can help...I'm here.. well u know were all
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  • I would say it would depend on the size of the room. If the room is fairly small, it might be a bit tight and they (Cosmopolitan) may not want loud music at their buffet. I would assume an iPod would be a bit quieter??

    I agree with the thought of having the right songs coming on at the right time, etc...

    If you call DJ Godzilla, maybe he can give you better insight.

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  • An emcee can make the night go by with less worries and keep the flow going. I would recommend getting one if you have it in your budget.
  • I'd definitely get one, it can make a good party great; the vibe doesn't always flow the way the playlist anticipated, a DJ adapts to that and you get to enjoy the event without worrying.

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  • Did u find out if wicked allows dj's??
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  • I asked about using a DJ at the private room of Wicked Spoon before we decided on the place and Danielle from WS told me they don't allow DJ. Ipod will be ok and you have to bring the ipod dock.
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