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Hey everyone, 

I'm a definite lurker w/only a few posts but just had to share all the checks we've had recently! 

Got the clutches for my BM's and mothers, they are carrying these instead of flowers, got them from an etsy seller (yen sew).  My veil and hair accessories are on their way.  I had a birdcage veil, headband and flower facinator made by an etsy seller (brenda's bridal veils).  Both were so great to work with.  The clutches are awesome and I couldn't be happier w/ them.  I can't wait for my veil and stuff to get here this week.  Made the appointment to take my sisters shopping for their BM dresses.  

FI booked the DJ for me and paid for it!!  Such a weight off  my shoulders I was so excited when he said he did it.  We also ordered the tuxes.  

We decided on Maui for our honeymoon too!! We agreed on what to do about centerpieces because we aren't doing flowers.  We did decide to do candy poker chips and coins in little metal buckets 

I know it probably seems like I'm way ahead but FI works overseas so I try to squeeze in as much as possible when he's home which is for about a month every 80 days or so.  


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