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reviews 10/8/11 (pics too)

I just want to start off by saying I was pretty laid back about the entire wedding, especially once we were in Vegas. I just had decided that I was going to go with the flow, which I think is a must for all weddings, especially a Vegas wedding since everything was done sight unseen. I didn’t do a lot of small details/personal touches which I think helped me stay almost stress free the entire trip!

Flamingo (hotel) – C

We stayed at the Flamingo the entire time we were in Vegas. We upgraded our room to a “Go Room” and it was nice enough, but for being recently updated I was surprised how beat up the room was. The basic rooms were old, outdated and nothing special. Most of our guests that stayed there ended up moving to a different room at some point during the week. The Flamingo is old, my expectations weren’t extremely high, but I could tell some of the guests were disappointed which was unfortunate. But you really can’t beat the location, which is the main reason for choosing it aside from our wedding ceremony being at the Flamingo as well.

Flamingo (wedding ceremony) – B

We got married at the Gazebo Chapel. We got married on a Saturday at 6pm and it was relatively busy, which I expected. The wedding before us abused their allotted time in the Gazebo area so our ceremony started a little late. Other than that, the ceremony was great! Short and sweet, just like I had hoped. Our officiant was awesome, he met us for about 5 minutes, but made it seem like he had known us forever during the ceremony.

Flamingo (photography/Cashman) – C

If the photography wasn’t included in our ceremony package we definitely could’ve lived without it. I did not have high expectations which is good otherwise I think I would have been a bridezilla. The photographer was extremely anxious and a big cheese ball. We ended up cutting the photoshoot short because we couldn’t stand him any longer and our faces hurt from smiling. The pictures were decent and we only selected pictures that were included in our package.

Canaletto – A

We had our reception dinner here, and were in the Murano room. There were 34 of us, and we fit perfectly. The food was delicious. Drinks are paid for by consumption, and I had decided the week before the wedding that I would make drink tickets, and each guest would get 2. I worked with Kelly and she was really helpful and super fast about responding to emails, which is always appreciated. I explained briefly in an email about 3 days prior and then explained in person right before dinner and it all worked out perfectly. There actually is a bar window in the Murano room that guests could purchase drinks from after they used their 2 tickets. I had cupcakes from Retro Bakery delivered and the staff at Canaletto set them up really pretty. The staff was really friendly and helpful.

Retro bakery – A

I decided while we were in Vegas that I wanted to do cupcakes, so I called about 3 days before and ordered them no problem. I called, they answered right away, I ordered… pretty simple. Cupcakes were yummy.

Glamsquad – B

First off, they were late… about 20 minutes or so. They did call about 5 min before they were due to arrive to let me know, which was appreciated. Once they showed up they set up really quick and got to work right away. It was just me and my maid of honor and we both got hair and makeup done, they were finished with both of us in less than an hour a half, which was impressive. My only complaint about the makeup was the foundation. I opted for the airbrush foundation because I was told it was good coverage, long wearing and natural looking. It was definitely long wearing and natural looking. As far as the coverage goes, I would have preferred a fuller coverage or at least a little bit of concealer. I do not have perfect skin, but I can make my skin look relatively flawless so I expected professionals to do the same. I’m sure they would have fixed it if I would have said something, but I didn’t realize how minimal the coverage was until after they had left so that is my fault. Like I said in the beginning I was a pretty laid back bride, but my expectations were high for the makeup, and I feel like they were not met.

Debi fit for a bride – A

I called Debi 3 days before the wedding and she was able to pick up my dress the next morning and had it dropped off the next day. She also steamed my husband’s tux jacket. She was really nice and easy to work with.

Snap.Grin Photography – A

We were fortunate enough that one of our good friends offered to take our wedding pictures while he was in Vegas with us. The pictures turned out great! He is part of Snap.Grin Photography, if you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area check them out!


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Re: reviews 10/8/11 (pics too)

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    You looked great! Congrats!
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    Congrats!  You looked beautiful!  I am also a Flamingo Gazebo bride, and it sounds like we have similar outlooks on our big day.  I'm a huge ball of stress, so I'm trying not to focus on too many details (which is really tough for me).  I'm especially glad to hear your ceremony went well. 
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    Wow, you have an awesome attitude! Those pictures are really gorgeous. Congrats on being a Mrs!!
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    High five for being a "go with the flow" bride... I was too & also didn't do a lot of extra stuff for the wedding, & I think that was for the best because there wasn't a lot of stress :-) Congrats!!! You looked wonderful & thanks for posting :)
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    CONGRATS MRS!  I LOVE your pictures.  Especially your shoe shot.  :-)  Beautiful pictures. 
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    @themrsJRD Amen to that, sister!  (for the record, I tried to quote you, but TK routed me to Retro Weddings - WTF?!)

    I'm taking the "go with the flow" approach and not fussing with details or tradition.  Here's hoping there's less stress!

    eddiegusgus - you looked gorgeous - CONGRATS!
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    Congrats Mrs! You look stunning that dress it beautiful.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: reviews 10/8/11 (pics too)</a>:
    [QUOTE]@themrsJRD  Amen to that, sister!  (for the record, I tried to quote you, but TK routed me to Retro Weddings - WTF?!) I'm taking the "go with the flow" approach and not fussing with details or tradition.  Here's hoping there's less stress! @ eddiegusgus - you looked gorgeous - CONGRATS!
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    <div>LMAO. Sometimes the knot replaces my pic/username on threads with someone else's I've never seen/heard of.</div><div>
    </div><div>I do think that less fuss is less stress. I didn't have to think about much, and even though we had a major glitch, there was nothing I could've done better (I followed up with them & everything, they obviously were just braindead for awhile!). It's Vegas, our whole reason for moving the wedding there was to avoid the details! Everyone had a great time regardless. Best of luck to you!</div>
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    Congrats!!! Great Reviews!

    Laid back/ go with the flow is the best way to be otherwise you will go nuts!
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    Congrats!!!!! Thanks for the reviews and the pics. You look lovely
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    Congrats!  I love the pictures and your dress was beautiful, I love the hair flower!

    I'm jealous of your less stressfulness, lol.

    Congrats again!
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    You looked so lovely!! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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    You look AMAZING in your dress. Congrats!!!
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