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Packing and To-Do lists for Vegas

I can't even begin to wrap my head around everything we need to do before going out there. Good thing is we'll be there early on a Wed for a Sat wedding. Do you have any to-do lists or packing lists you used before going to Vegas? Please share. TIA!

Re: Packing and To-Do lists for Vegas

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    aegrishaegrish member
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    Nails- fill & pedi!  I was the only one that got my nails done at home b4 my friends wedding in LV and it saved me tons bc everything is so much more in LV!  Plus I don't trust any1 but my usual nail guy....This is DEFINITELY on my to-do list b4 we leave for my wedding.
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    Make a list....

    -Camera and/or Video Camera
    -Toiletries (Advil, Tums, etc...)
    -Program in all of your Vendors phone numbers (and/or...Make a list for you to hand over to a BM or groomsman)
    - Do you already have your marriage lic.? If YES then pack it! if NO then get online conformation number and put that with your stuff.
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    Confirm with all your vendors- hair/makeup, photography, etc. before heading out :)
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    GribblesGribbles member
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    I have a whoooole list...

    To Do Before Vegas

    * Book extra bags with airline
    * Order favours (edible so they need to be sent to our venue last-minute)
    * Fill in Marriage Licence form online
    * Get all documentation together
    * Wrap Thankyou presents and write in cards
    * Confirm chapel appointment
    * Organise VIP list for afterparty
    * Reconfirm EVERYTHING with all vendors
    * Write vows and speeches
    * Send out final maps and details to guests
    * Organise seating plan for reception
    * Finish playlists
    * Draw up wedding timeline and responsibilities for wedding party members
    * Check ESTAs still valid (visa waivers for travel to the US)
    * Reconfirm honeymoon & flights

    To Do In Vegas

    * Get marrige licence
    * Confirm room numbers ith all vendors
    * Get dresses steamed
    * Buy M&Ms and bowls for party bus
    * Organise tip envelopes'
    * Book buffet for post-wedding brunch
    * Drop guestbook/menus/seating plan at reception venue
    * Buy alcohol for party bus and champagne for room
    * Drop off alcohol and M&Ms at party bus company
    * Chapel visit
    * Book wedding day massage / spa treatments


    * Pick up left over cake & guestbook from venue
    * Choose photos at chapel

    I feel tired now.
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    Gribbles  - You're a doll!!!  I'm incorporating your lists with mine & filling in the things I forgot!!  Thank You!
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    Thank you so much ladies!!!

    Gribbles, nice list girl!!
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    This packing list is for the honeymoon but it still might be useful. 
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