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So, I got to meet with our coordinator at the flamingo this past week and she told me that I was able to pick any bouquet(s) I want and she will have the florist give me an estimate of how much extra it might cost. I was original under the misconception that I had to choose from their specific arrangements. Now that I know otherwise, this leaves me with a world of possibilities... I was thinking I wanted to have a bouquet for myself and then have my bridesmaids carry a single flower arrangement. Has anyone done this or seen this being done in a wedding? I can't decide what kind of flower would not look tacky just on its own. I really like calla lilies. Any suggestions?
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Re: Flower suggestion

  • the large calla lilies carried singlely would look nice or you can do 3.  im doing mini calla lillies
  • I have no suggestions mainly because I'm not very familiar with flowers but I will say make sure the flowers you're thinking of are in season for you're wedding. I know I wanted Peonies SO BAD for my wedding but they're out of season and caesars won't work with them if they're out of season from what I understand. Although I think a single flower presentation will be fine! :)
  • There was an episode of Sex & The City where Charlotte was a BM and each BM carried different flowers.  I think it was calla lilies, gerber daisies, tulips, and something else.  Calla lilies are very popular for weddings and so are the bright gerber daisies.  I made my bouquet with the blush (pink) calla lilies and the cream colored wisteria as a filler.
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