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So we have decided to have our reception at a resturant in Vegas and have an afterparty at a club (table, bottle service) but my fiance doesn't like any of the hotel chapels..any of them! He suggested having the cermony outside in one of the gardens at Caesars Palace but we plan on getting married in August (HOT!!).  I would like our ceremony to start after 6pm whether its indoors or outdoors.

Does anyone think it would be unbearably hot in August with an evening outdoor ceremony?  Also does anyone have any other suggestions for a ceremony?  We are interested in having our reception at Joe's Seafood.


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  • August is the hottest time of year here and alot of people are surprised to find out that between 5-6pm is the hottest time of day! I would say either do an indoor to save your guests and yourself from the heat or do it early in the day:)
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  • Ditto, PP. I wanted an outdoor ceremony, but with an August 30th date, I can't.
  • In my opinion, Vegas in August is very very hot, but bearable for a 1525 minute ceremony. It's not humid which makes the difference! You could always pass out water bottles and fans when your guests arrive to help relieve some discomfort
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  • What did your FI not like about the indoor chapels?  Maybe we can find an alternative he will like.

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  • A ceremony at CP is not long, and you can do a 7:30pm one there. I think you would be ok, since everone would only be out for about approx 30 mins. Hot, yes, but prob bearable.

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  • Here's one suggestion. This is where I originally wanted to get married. The grounds look really pretty
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  • There are some stand alone chapels that you might consider as well.  And some of them have outdoor facilities, but if you just want to avoid the hotel chapels, they are great options.  I really didn't like the hotel ones, so I'm going with

    There is also Little Chapel of the West and Chapel of Flowers.  I know there are more but I can't think of them.
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    What did your FI not like about the indoor chapels?  Maybe we can find an alternative he will like.
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    He doesn't want anything that actually looks like a church.  Like I stated before we liked the Mandarin Oriental but spending $15,000 for less than 50 people seems absurd.  I'm a teacher so it would be hard to have the wedding/honeymoon during the school year.  Summer break is best for me.  I can't possibly take off 2 weeks.
  • We are getting married at the Wynn and it is absolutely gorgeous
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