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Did you get an e-mail/phone call from a new wedding planner at Platinum? She basically said Nicole is still there and I can choose if I want to stick with her or move on to this new chick.

If so, what are you doing?

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    Are you talking about Marie?
     If so, then I was told when we went on our trip last month that Marie was going to be taking over more of the wedding services that the Platinum offered although Nicole would still be over-seeing. I think.
    Anyway, it was Marie who emailed me just after our trip with deposit date reminders and gave us our room confirmation number (we're book the night before and the night of the wedding, havn't decided about the rest of the trip yet).
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    Have you found a DJ yet? and who are you using?
    I'm starting to scout prices.

    I wish money grew on trees.......
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    Yes that's her! Okay, I just felt a little iffy about the whole thing, but she does seem to be on her game.

    We're using All Night Long. They've given us great discounts for using the Platinum and they are very fast and efficient with responses.

    Agreed about the money... Every little extra detail I see, I WANT!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:21661ebf-9ae1-486f-a0d9-8f91cae90711Post:96d0d311-1ff9-4c7b-b318-276ebebf48c8">Re: **LilMissScareAll**</a>:
    [QUOTE]Yes that's her! Okay, I just felt a little iffy about the whole thing, but she does seem to be on her game.
    Posted by Natrasha[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, she was with Nicole when we toured the Platinum and she was there at the bridal expo in Summerlin. She's really nice. The day after we visited she wrote me an email saying it was nice to meet me, gave us confirmations, dates, etc. If I remember correctly, Marie was going to be focusing on weddings and Nicole on corporate events.

    All Night Long has given us the best price quote. But Ben want to add all this lighting and it started to add $$$$$. He's even talking about bringing out his own lighting (he does it for a living and could get the rentals pretty cheap) and I keep picturing him up on a ladder an hour before the wedding, falling off and us having to go to the ER.

    I still don't have a florist yet either, but at least I know I don't want any fancy centerpieces so I should save some money there. We're using the black tablecloths provided by Platinum, but now I kinda want to rent red napkins to add a bit of color to the tables.

    And these are the things going on in my head this week when I should be concentrating on finals! ARGH
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    I would check with All Night Long to see if they would set up your FI's light rentals! Maybe the would for a small fee... The worst they could say is no. They've been incredibly accomodating with me- we're getting an extra hour at no charge, they added ceremony coverage for half the price, and they're more than willing to play Persian songs that my dad brings or sends them.

    I'm using Roxi Floral, whom Nicole recommended. I didn't shop around, but I had very simple requests (and I'm using carnations) so I was happy with her prices.

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