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A surprise photo session at home-courtesy of my FI!

So yesterday I received a wonderful surprise. My FI and I are planning a destination wedding in Vegas in August along with his two children 11 and 17. Very few people know of our engagement-though I do wear my ring-and even fewer know of the ceremony in Vegas. Unfortunately due to an ex wife, we decided that if we wanted the 11 year old at the wedding, we needed to do the wedding on our vacation and a surprise-though the 11 year old knows of a wedding sometime in the future and loves the idea. 

Anyway, my FI realizes that much of the trip is about the children and we have booked alot of things solely for them (shows, house off the strip, etc) In choosing a Vegas wedding, I gave up alot of the traditional aspects of  a wedding-though most I was happy to give up. I have been super excited to plan a Vegas wedding for us and it has been great planning it. Anyway, we hired Todd Wilson for our photo strip tour but I knew the kids would tire with a full out photo session so I reconciled with that idea. Plus it will be in the middle of the day in August and I won't want to do pictures all day. I want to enjoy our spectacular pool!

Surprise surprise-my fiance surprised me with a photo session of just him and I in my dress and his suit to be done a month before the wedding. Because of the dynamics of our wedding (aka I need him to tie me into my dress, the kids, etc), I was saddened to not do a "first look" kind of thing (though he did help pick out the dress so he has seen the dress). With a wedding at 9 am and staying off the strip in a rental house, it was just impossible to figure out. So he booked a photo session for us.  We will be  doing traditional photos by a waterfall in our hometown and yes, having a first look a month before our wedding. We don't do anything traditional so for us, this works. Besides, we know with the kids and the craziness of the trip, we aren't going to have alot of time with just the two of us. The kids are a bit of a handful. So this is our way to have just a few minutes of us time. Weird I know but sweet that he thought of me and what I really wanted. 

Re: A surprise photo session at home-courtesy of my FI!

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