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Does anyone have issues getting responses? If not who do you contact? It takes forever for me to get response from them.

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    I never got a response and when I called...I was told all coordinators were "busy" but they would get back to me. That was almost 6 weeks ago. I booked Graceland Chapel. IP never emailed back or returned a phone call. I said forget it.
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    I think they work for several Caesar's owned chapels and do seem very busy, but still. That is unacceptable service. I have had a few issues such as discrepancy in quoted price for bringing in my own music and slow responses, but I do get responses.

    My coordinator is:
    Ingrid Porciuncula
    Imperial Palace SilverSky Wedding Chapel & Flamingo Garden Wedding Chapel
    Direct Line: 702-733-3232
    Chapel Hours: Sunday - Friday 9a-6p
    Saturdays 9a-630p
    Her Office Hours: Wed-Sat 9a-6p
    Days offL Sunday-Tuesday


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    I haven't had a problem with IP.  I've been e-mailing back and forth with Veronica Tapia for about a week and she's been really good about getting back to within a day so far.  Contact info below:

    Veronica Tapia

    Flamingo Garden Chapel &

    IP Silver Sky Chapel



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    I've been in contact with Veronica as well and so far she's amazing to work with.
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    My coordinator is Iliana, and she seems super on top of things.  The only time I've had to wait for a response from Caesars was for their sales group who books restaraunt receptions.. They apologized and said that they have to go by event date, returning messages to the soonest first.

    Here is Ilianas info:
    Iliana Gilbert Wedding Coordinator Flamingo and SilverSky Chapels Toll free: (800) 933-7993 Direct: (702) 733-3503
    I've also spoken with Kris, Kristen and Veronica, with no issues.  Good Luck!
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