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The Grove question!

okay, so here's my issue. My fiance and I are going to tour The Grove next Sunday, but if possible I would like to know one big question before we go down there so we don't waste any time. We are having an intimate wedding of family and friends, so no more than 50  guests will attend our wedding. None of the packages have an option of 50. They are 45 or less, or 75+. I have emailed the grove and received responses pretty quickly, but they still evaded my question. They just sent me downloadable content that just said the same thing that the website did. So, if anyone possibly knows if they have a package for around 50 people, that would be AWESOME! I would really prefer the Grand Garden room as opposed to the Garden Terrace room too, so if the package is in the Grand Garden room...all the better! I know that this question is probably a bit annoying, and I apologize, I just really don't want us to waste time going down there if they don't have what we need, when we could be looking elsewhere. Okay, again, I apologize..i'm nervous..go figure. Just got engaged less than a month ago and our wedding is in less than 9. Lots to do..very behind.

Thank you!!
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Re: The Grove question!

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    [QUOTE] Just got engaged less than a month ago and our wedding is in less than 9. Lots to do..very behind. Thank you!!
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    Your not behind, you have plenty of time. Ben & I are getting married on 10/14 and we arn't doing anything but gathering info until the first weekend in February.

    As far as the Grove goes. On the mountainview package it says $65 pp additional, so I would think that's probably a good ballpark for other rooms as well. Don't let them give you the run around. If they can't answer you, take your busine$$ elsewhere.
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    Thank you! I've been freaking out reading magazines and what not saying that you should have your venue booked 12 months before the wedding. I must have just skipped the 65+ part the 50 times i've looked at the website..typical me. Thank you!!

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    Put the magazines down and run away from them :)

    The one good thing about Vegas weddings is you can never really be behind because you have so many choices and they have weddings all day long.
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