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Triangle Wedding Cakes - Cinda vs. Swank

Hi Ladies!

I am setting up consultations and I'm considering both Cinda's Creative Cakes and Swank Cake Design.  I wasn't sure if any of you have hired them for your weddings (past of future) or ever had either of their cakes?!

Any recs would be appreciated! :)


Re: Triangle Wedding Cakes - Cinda vs. Swank

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    I tasted both of them during planning.  I'm not going to say something slanderous here but just say that Sweet Memories in Apex made my cake and the difference is monumental.  Go to a tasting and you be the judge. 
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    I think Cinda's cakes are fabulous!  She did my best friend's, my sister's, and now she will be doing mine!  They are so, so good and she can pretty much do whatever you want design wise.

    I highly recommend her!
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    I have a tasting with CInda next monday so we'll see how that goes, but I did go to Sweet Memories bakery yesterday for a tasting and it was soooo good!!

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    My wedding cake was by Sweet Memories in Apex and they are phenomenal. Their designs are amazing and the cake tastes even better.  They're expensive, but definitely the best option in this area, IMO.

    Cinda made a cake for our rehearsal dinner (groom's cake) and it was good.  We mostly went with her for this because it was a lot more affordable for this less important cake.  The flavor was good and decorating was nice.  If you're on a smaller budget, she's probably a good option.  

    I think Swank is similar in price to Sweet Memories, and if I had to choose based on taste, I would def. pick Sweet Memories, between those two.

    Taste everything and compare designs/costs, then hopefully you'll have an easier time deciding. 
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    we used Cinda and just love her cake!  our free anniversary cake a year later was just as yummy. :)

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    Just went to a tasting with Cinda and I absolutely loved her. She was so nice and the cake was definitely tasty!! I have one more tasting with Ashley from Ashley Cakes and then i'll make my final decision. Cinda is top of my list right now.

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    JMP - what flavors did you try at Cinda and Sweet Memories?  :)  I'm glad your tasting went well!  I've an appointment with SM on 11/16 and Cinda on 12/12! :)
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    [QUOTE]JMP - what flavors did you try at Cinda and Sweet Memories?  :)  I'm glad your tasting went well!  I've an appointment with SM on 11/16 and Cinda on 12/12! :)
    Posted by Jess87657[/QUOTE]

    We tried red velvet and yellow cake and it was really good, plus she gives you two free cakes to take home. We tried sooo many flavors at sweet memories I can hardly remember. I remember liking the red velvet and the yellow cake with a strawberry mousse. Personally, I liked my tasting with Cinda 100 times more than the SM consultation. Everything about Cinda's personality was awesome. She really listened to what we wanted and had some great ideas! We are even using her for our favors. Have fun at your tastings!!! :)

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