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I know this isn't about Vegas but just curious on everyone's thoughts. I purchased a dress already which is my icon pic but have completely fell in love with another dress! The dress is normally $3500 that I feel in love with and I have found someone in the same situation as me except they are trying to sell the gown that I love for one they love. Happens all the time, right? Anyways, the dress they are selling(my new love) is brand new, still at the salon and she is selling it almost half price. It is being sold on I have been in contact with the seller and I am actually within driving distance. My question is, has anyone purchased a dress like this or known anyone who has? Just nervous but I want the dress so badly! Do I have to purchase from a store????
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Re: Wedding dress advice

  • You aren't required to buy from a dress store. You can get a dress wherever. Luckily for you, she is within driving distance. If I was in the situation, I would maybe schedule a time to drive out and see it in person. If it is new, half price is a steal. The bride should understand you wanting to see it. That is better that just buying a dress online from someone without seeing it first... Best of luck
  • Thanks! That helps. The driving distance is about 7 hours and she said that she would meet me at the salon if I wanted. I thought it was a great deal plus helps out another bride. Guess I just needed a "mommy approval" and believe me I wouldn't get it from my mother so that's why I posted here. So thanks so much for the comment.
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