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John Morris Photography???

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Does anyone have any experience with them???


Re: John Morris Photography???

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    goodtobekinggoodtobeking member
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    Spoke with him briefly while I was running around the Bridal Spectacular with my mom last August. We only had an hour before we had to jump a flight back home! Older gentleman. He was nice... but def short with me after I told him we were looking for something photojournalistic and artsy... he is WAY more of a portrait/posed type (his own words)...

    Put me off a little bit, we didn't have that instant connection but it may be completely differenet for you! That being said, his photos are pretty, he said that everything in his display was unaltered (no cropping, coloring etc) and he did capture some awesome emotions.

    So recap: He's wasnt our fit, and we weren't his, but I'd see what others have to say!

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    jessjones1989jessjones1989 member
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    i hear that name alot but his style (based on his website) wasnt my "fit' either. i dont have anything against "posed" photos but i just didnt like his photos. u have to click with the photographers and their work.  happy hunting...

    oh p.s. speaking of a being short, i had the same reaction from mindy bean photography as well. aparently, i wasnt THEIR fit!! whatever! but you might have a better vibe.

    keep us posted :)

    Wedding Countdown Ticker MRS WRIGHT TO BE :)
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    We booked him for our wedding! Met with him several months ago and he was very nice. I didn't ever get the sense that he was being short. He's also quick with emails which is nice.

    I actually LOVE his work but I guess everyone's different! His style is definitely more photojournalistic and he doesn't do any manipulation which is fine with me. I wanted something natural so it was a perfect fit for me.

    If you want more shots of natural moments and expressions than I think you'd like him, but it all depends on what you're looking for.
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