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share your something....

Hey ladies I added a 'something' section to my bio (under wedding party)...

I'm really interested to see yours!
what are your something...

I'm sure there's some creativity out there!!

Re: share your something....

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    OLD - My Diamond Bracelet that DH got me a year before we got married
    NEW - My Earrings & Necklace that I bought for the wedding
    BORROWED - A ring from my Mom
    BLUE - My Charms attached on my bouquet (Pic in Bio)
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    Old: pearl studs I wear all the time
    New: pearl necklace
    Borrowed: diamond bracelet from my aunt
    Blue: saphire ring from Japan, a gift from a family friends years ago

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    Old - Now that I think about, I didn;t have anything old!
    New- Shoes, dress, feather hair fascinator
    Borrowed - I borrowed my older sister's veil
    Blue - My bouquet charm

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    My something:
    OLD: A clutch I carried to prom. (And my FI was my date  :)
    NEW: My dress, shoes, veil, jewels, etc. 
    BORROWED: My mom's ring
    BLUE:  "I DO
    " shoe applique
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    kara811kara811 member
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    OLD: a couple of things from my parents' wedding(my sister will bring them from the Philippines)
    NEW: dress, veil, shoes, etc
    BORROWED: my mom's pearl set
    BLUE: my garter! 
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    Old: gold bracelet handcrafted by my grandpa and the gold we used for the wedding bands
    New: dress
    Borrowed: don't know yet
    Blue: probably earrings, or custom wedding dress label, or "I do" thing-ies that go under the shoes, or my eye make up
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    RachNRichRachNRich member
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    Old: A diamond ring from my great grandmother; my mom surprised me with it. Then she made me give it back. Lame.

    New: Just about everything I had on.

    Borrowed: Ummm....does the ring count twice? I don't really think I planned it out well. 

    And blue (my favorite, obviously): My crinoline I hand-dyed blue 
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    Old- along with a bouquet charm I am attaching to my bouquet I think I am going to have the florist put a necklace of my moms in the bouquet somehow or attach it to the stems...its this terrible 1970s brown and orange bumble bee necklace with  brown leather used as the chain...but when I was little in kindergarten,  I had to go to a day care every Friday and it was terrible but it was all she could afford so she would let me wear this necklace and the way the charm is shaped I could rub my thumb on the back and it would calm me down....i figure I might need something to help calm me down on the big day...and a nice memory of her.

    New- dress, jewelry...etc


    Blue-a ring of my moms that I (dad paid for) got her when I was younger, its 5 marquis cut aquamarine stones.
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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    Old: My great-grandmother's hat pin

    New: My perfume

    Borrowed: A clutch from a friend of my mom's

    Blue: My stockings

    ETA: Oh yeah, I had a silver sixpence that I picked up at Ren Faire.  Authentic and everything.
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    Old: Mini jewelry box from my mom
    New: White clutch with rhinestones
    Borrowed: A locket from my MIL with a picture of H in it.

    I didn't have anything blue or a sixpence, and both were things I specifically meant to get. 
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    Old-charms that have been shared between a group of friends of mine for their weddings, anniversary trips, special occasions. I tied these to the inside of my clutch.
    Borrowed- my friend's fortune cookie fortune.. the day before the wedding we went to lunch and her fortune read "your life will be happy and peaceful" so I carried it around with me in my clutch
    New- shoes, dress, clutch etc etc etc
    Blue- My toenail polish
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