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Anyone been to Kahunaville?

I am having a "groom's dinner" type event at Kahunaville and was going to start off with some appetizers. They have a Paradise Sampler that by the wording of the menu seems to be really big....and they charge $24.99/ea. But it says it only feeds 2-4 people. Has anyone had this appetizer and seen how big it is? My thinking is a normal $8-10 appetizer should be good for 2-4 people when you have full meals coming. When I said I'd do 5-6 for 30 ppl, the coordinator suggested at least 6 or more. Is she just trying to upsale the bill? Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help ladies....I don't post alot, but I ready alot of them and they help out tremedously!
Happy planning! Only 34 days to go for me! :)

Re: Anyone been to Kahunaville?

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