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Scouting Reviews, Some PIPs

Flamingo - Looked at Gazebo ceremony site that we already booked. I thought it was ok, it's smaller than I thought it would be, but that's the norm for Vegas. PM me with questions as I do have a little more info/opinions on it.

Restaurants - Grand Lux Cafe at Palazzo - First let me say, Rich was the nicest guy ever.  We ended talking a ton about sports/certain teams etc. so maybe that's why we clicked, but he was super nice and even bought me dinner so I could try the food, I had the Madeira Chicken and Miso Salmon, for dessert a dozen chocolate chip homemade cookies, soo good.  Dinner is $40 pp, but if you have your own cake he'd knock off $4 a person I think.  He said doing a consumption package is the way to go in lieu of doing a pre-set package, for 3  hrs. it usually averages out to about $16 pp.  8.1% tax plus 20% gratuity.  Comes to about $67 pp. out the door.  They have a good sound system for an Ipod and a projection screen that you can use a laptop with.  If we go the restuarant route over an In-Suite we will be having it here.

- I didn't like with our amount of people it's only semi-private as it's possible another smaller party would be on the other side of the room.  She was going to check on how much more it would be to rent the whole upstairs out.  The other thing that I didn't really like, is the water fountain right there seems very loud.  It just wasn't very private.

- They seemed very accomodating, and I'm sure other people have more info on this than I do.  The food looks fantastic, but Grand Lux is cheaper and the food I tried was great.

Monte Carlo
- Very good location and nice for the money, they have a McDonald's, Subway etc., which is nice to get something quick.  I think it would be a good place for guests to stay if they are on a budget

Advantage Car Rental -
Renting a car was perfect, LV is easy to navigate around and every hotel has free parking.  Make sure you verify what car you are getting, and don't let them add on optional insurance coverages you don't need.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
at The Orleans- The manager left me pretzel knots dipped in caramel and chocolate for me to try to use as one of our favors, they were really good and we'll be saving around $100 by going with them instead of another vendor out of CA.  I have to confirm the price, but we talked before about $1 a piece, and they're big.

Coolest New Bar I've ever seen
- The Cosmopolitan has a loung/bar called the Chandelier Bar, it cost 34 million dollars.  I hope to do our Meet and Greet here for drinks, not to mention take some wedding pics at.  LOVE.  As of now drink prices aren't that bad either, $5 for a beer, $5-$6 for a glass of wine etc.

Another cool place to have a Meet and Greet, this was at the Wynn - not sure the name of it though. (I took the pic from inside, that's a big waterfall)

This dress I had been eyeing for awhile, it's a BCBG and like $600, but I saw it and was like I have to try it on, I like the Jessica Simpson dress better, on me at least!

Overall a great trip, was able to rule some things out, still need to decide on going the In-Suite route or Grand Lux, but am waiting to hear back on a couple things.  Thanks for all the help, and reading all my posts:)  (I will post the cake reviews in a few)

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