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Max capacity for suites...

I was just wondering for all the suites that have been researched on the strip, what is the largest capacity of guests you all have seen for suites?

Re: Max capacity for suites...

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    I think Easton had 55 in the Vista suite.  Not sure about the others.
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    We are havine our reception at the MGM in the terrace suite.  When I called the lady said 60 people we have a little more than 60 people so i hope it's not to crowded but we are renting some high cocktail tables and a round table with charis to put outside.
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    At the panorama suite in Planet Hollywood, they say capacity is 60.
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    I'm having my welcome reception at the stardust suite at The Orleans. We have 35 for dinner and 90 total coming for cocktails. this is the largest suite I could find because the bedroom is a seperate attached suite that comes with it. not having the bedroom in the square footage really helps. It's like a bunch of little lounges put together. I LOVE it! :)

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