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Reception Venues in Hickory Area?

Hey All! FI and I are having our wedding at a church in Valdese and I'm a little stumped on where to have the reception. We will be having between 75-100 guests and are hoping to not break the bank. Any ideas?

FI's family is from that area but I'm not unfortunately, we'd prefer to have it IN Valdese but outlying areas like Hudson, Lenoir, or Morganton are perfectly open too.
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Re: Reception Venues in Hickory Area?

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    This isn't in Valdese, but in Hudson...the HUB (Hudson Uptown Building) is pretty large and I I've been to a couple of weddings there. It's a great place (it used to be a school) and is really nice for wedding receptions. There is also the Civic Center in Lenoir, which is also not in Valdese, but a good option. I go to school in Valdese at the Old Rock School which you could also check into (The Waldenesian Room). HTH!

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    There is also Club Cola in Granite Falls. It's kind of weird looking from the outside, but really neat on the inside. Plus, it has that nostalgic feel complete with operating glass bottle soda machines if you'd like! :)
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    We're using the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hickory.  There's no fee to use the place as long as you meet the minimum revenue.  Which is really easy to do with just food and drinks!
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