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Help Please- need wedding officiant advice/suggestions!

My FI and I decide that we are going to have a Mandalay Bay Suite ceremony/reception. At first our idea was to have an elvis come in and officiate our wedding, do a couple of songs, stay for pictures, etc. 

However, once we started searching around, the really great impersonators (ie Travis Allen) wasn't ordained, or the officiants who were kind of freaked us out with the whole vows thing... somehow throwing in "hunka hunka burning love" in the middle of the ceremony didn't seem quite fitting. So now we are just looking for someone who will travel to the suite and perform the ceremony. 

Neither of us are extremely religious, but we would like someone who will give us a meaningful ceremony. We are trying to have fun with the whole vegas theme, but we would like something slightly more traditional during the important stuff.

are there any vegas brides who used a particular minister who they would recommend? Any information you could give me would be so extremely helpful! 

Re: Help Please- need wedding officiant advice/suggestions!

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