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First Look and strip tour with Todd?

Where did you (or will you) do your first look and why?  We only booked Todd for the 2 hour strip tour and we're doing our first look too.  I know for the tour we want to do bellagio fountains and the sign.  For those of you who've done the strip tour with Todd- I'm assuming he'll kind of take the lead as far as spots we don't know about and what we can fit in during those two hours, did you just tell him your must haves and he went from there? 

I'm considering staying on Fremont friday and sat night (night before and night of the wedding).  A) because I'd love to get pics on Fremont but don't think we'll have time to start ont the strip, do fountains and sign AND get to Fremont...but maybe if we start on Fremont and work our way down... and B) because we're thinking about getting a cabana at Golden Nugget pool for the morning after.  and C) it is cheaper for a bigger room on fremont :)  Thoughts on where we could do a first look on Fremont? 
Side note: Strip tour is from 11am-1pm :)
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Re: First Look and strip tour with Todd?

  • jmp2004jmp2004
    We won't be doing a first look, FI will see me for the first time in the chapel.

    Can't help with your other questions, sorry! :(
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