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Tell me about your florist...

Anyone have any feedback about their florists?  I haven't read much about that department very much.  I looked at VegasGroom's list but there are only 2 florists on it.  Surely there are some out there that haven't been mentioned.  I want something pretty specific for my bouquet and the grooms boutineer so it shouldn't be a hard order to fill but even so I want it to be what I want if that makes sense.

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Re: Tell me about your florist...

  • I made our bouquets! I just bought artificial flowers through Afloral because I wanted a specific flower that was out of season. I'm not too familiar with vegas florists though. :(
  • Hi! I would recommend enchanted florist they have been the most responsive and organized, if you send them pictures they will send you a quote right away. Prices have been decent. Iv heard naakita flowers is good too.
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