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What would you think?

One of the main reasons I went with my wedding site is because everything is all inclusive. I was told EVERYTHING including taxes and gratuities are included, meaning center peices, table linens, and FULL PHOTOGRAPHY COVERAGE and Free engagement session. 
Ok- So we take the tour, talk to the lady and she shows us the ballroom all done up, and says,"yup this is it! You literally sign at the dotted line and show up in a dress and everything else is included."

So- we do, and begin making payments. 

A few days ago we went in for our free engagement session and they took some pictures. Out of 200 pics we only liked four, not because of them, mostly because my fiance is horrible at taking pictures and never knows what to do or where to look- his bad. 

So I cal;l to see when to pick up my four pictures and ask weather its easier to have them just email me to digitals. She laughed at me and said she takes the pictures for free, but its 300 if I want them. And now the wedding is the same way, but 1000. Yes an extra thousand dollars. This was one of the main reasons I went with this vendor because it was alll inclusive with no surprises. Now I feel like Im getting screwed. 
What do you think?
Also- another tidbit, the centerpeices they include, are empty vases, and you have to pay to fill them, and if you fill them yourselves they charge a "cleanup fee" and the linens are all white, if you want color added its like 10 bucks a table plus 3 bucks a bow, adds up at the end of the day... 
So... are they nickel and diming us to death or did I read wrong when I heard/saw "Full Photography Coverage including Engagement session"

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    And Centerpeices and linens, chair bows and covers included....
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    Did you sign a contract?  A contract should contain all the details of what's included in the price.  If not, do you have any email communication with them where they state specifically what's included?  Or perhaps you asked them specific questions about what's included and they told you those specific items were inlcuded in the price. 
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    That sounds pretty dodgy - which venue is it?!  It should have clearly stated what was included in your contract, but I guess you could construe 'Full photography coverage' as them just taking pictures and not including the prints - but they should have clarified that!
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    Im mainly upset because the woman showed me a beautiful ballroom,stating that this is all included, ( we were looking at a beautifully decorated room with colored linens, amazing center peices, and colorful chair bows-)

    Now I find out they only supply white linens, white chair bows, and empty vases for centerpeices. NOT how I saw the ballroom- and if I fill the centerpeieces myself I have to pay additional for clean up- and if I buy their centerpeices they are expensive!!!

    and in the contract it only says, full photography coverage as well as engagement session included, with a bonus album.
    Misleading- to say the very least. The last words before the contract was signed was "Show up in your dress and everything else is taken care of!- thats the magic of an all inclusive wedding- no surprises, no worries!!" And now look-

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