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Latest Checks!

I thought it would be good to hear what everyone has achieved recently with wedding plans! My wedding is coming along so quickly - after a 21-month engagement I am so ready to just do it already!

So, my recent checks are:

* Wedding Cake -- I ordered KMills' cake from LV Cake Designs, but it will be in our colours (cream, with accents of green, orange and pink)

*  I am still extremely undecided on how to wear my hair. I have a birdcage veil, but I am pretty sure I don't want to wear that anymore. I just ordered this headpiece, made out of vintage brooches:

* I wanted M&Ms in our colours in our limo, however after speaking to the limo company, they wanted to charge me a $5,000 deposit in case we made a mess with the chocolate! Dear God. So, no M&Ms for us now.

* We booked Cirque du Soleil tickets to see 'O' the night after we get married. I thought it would be nice to have a night together, as for the following 5 days will be spent in L.A with our families. Just need to decide on a special restaurant to eat at beforehand now!

* We got our RSVPs back and pretty much everyone has booked their flights and hotels now. We have 28 guests coming with us, which is a perfect number.

I am so excited! Laughing What have you ticked off your to-do list recently?

Re: Latest Checks!

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    "O" is amazing, you're going to love it!! I want to book tickets to see "Ka" so bad....

    * Booked the reception/first night suite
    * Purchased the flight to Vegas
    * Ordered the map design to an Etsy vendor so the invites will be done soon
    * Found the dress!!!

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    Yay for checks!

    *made the bouqets for myself and bridesmaids
    *Made the centerpieces
    *started the handy work for our DIY invites
    *ordered the cake
    *booked our hotel

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    @Gribbles - Congrats on the checks!  Can I ask how many people you invited?  We're inviting about 50 people, and we'll be engaged for 24 months.  I'm assuming because of the amount of time, we'd probably have a higher attendance... ??

    I still have 18 months to go, but...:

    *picked caterer (Masterpiece)
    *purchased BM dress
    *found adorable headpiece on etsy
    *picked invites
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    Sara191431Sara191431 member
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    @Gribbles - Love your new hair piece!  I'm a hair freak myself, and plan to get my hair done both ways I'm thinking (my BM is my stylist), then take pictures of it - see how they look in pictures, then decide.  Just a thought.

    -Picked out new BM dresses that is flattering on everyone:

    -Found flowers for my reception shoes, that I hot glued onto them the other day:

    -Bought toasting flutes for half the price on Ebay (no longer doing the caricature glasses)

    -Most importantly heard back from our ceremony vendor on our deposit we'd lose, less then I thought!  And probably found a new venue (COF).

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    direy25direy25 member
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    Gribbles, if you're looking for a special dinner before the show, you should check out Le Cirque or Circo; both are in the Bellagio so they'd be convenient. If you booked early enough maybe you could get a table by the window to watch the fountains. ETA: No recent checks, going back to Vegas next month to finalize some stuff with our florist, get the cake figured out, have another dress fitting and do my boudoir shoot.
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    GribblesGribbles member
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:35868419-ef45-492a-9dbe-50a2210e1bccPost:c8e133ca-8c27-4b60-b6eb-49c4882120ad">Re: Latest Checks!</a>:
    [QUOTE]@Gribbles - Congrats on the checks!  Can I ask how many people you invited?  We're inviting about 50 people, and we'll be engaged for 24 months.  I'm assuming because of the amount of time, we'd probably have a higher attendance... ?? Posted by nycheryl[/QUOTE]

    All our guests are travelling from the UK and Australia, so I sent Save the Dates out 18 months in advance so people could save and plan their holidays around us! I think it has definitely worked in our favour, we did not expect that many people but we are so happy about it! We sent 50 invitations out, so approx 100 invited I would say.

    @Direy - I have just been looking at all the Bellagio restaurants! I like the look of Olives, and they have a fountain terrace too. I am thinking definitely somewhere at the Wynn/Encore where we are staying, or Bellagio. Our tickets are for the 10pm showing so we should have plenty of time!

    Jealous of your visit to Vegas - I would give anything for just one day there...!
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    guamibearguamibear member
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    Yay! Loving how productive you all are.

    This last week I:
    Finalized our menu
    bought my shoes
    received my veil
    made my bouquet charm
    bought supplies for our centerpieces

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    wallacjewallacje member
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    Congrat Gribbles on the checks!!! I love your headpiece!!!  Still can't figure out what I want to do with that part.

    Checks for me and making headway on other things
    Finalized the reception venue at the Orleans
    Just finished designing the Vegas luggage tags for our confirmed guests
    Designed water bottle labels for the ceremony
    Ordered more cardstock for the invitations and fan programs
    Still trying to figure out BM dresses, they are not cooperating very well Grrr
    Working on room blocks for guests
    Still looking for wedding shoes

    Happy New Year All!!! 6 months to go!!!!
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    @Sara- I love that Bridemaid dress! It's so pretty.

    @Gribbles- Olives is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas! I definetely want to visit there during our wedding festivities!
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    You've accomplished great checks.  I have just started to get excited by this whole planning process.
    - hired Deacon Tyler as my photographer
    - found my shoes
    - booked my suite for the night before the wedding
    - received invitations (in process of assembly)

    So much more to do, but I'm on it.

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    Soooo many checks by everyone makes me feel so slack!

    I haven't done much but I still have over 8 months to go but I did order my wrap

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    Though I haven't paid the deposit yet, we are booking The Platinum Hotel for our reception- Kil@Wat and the pool deck! We had a great conversation with Nicole, and while it is more than we were planning to spend, the value is unbeatable!

    We also have  our photographer, ceremony, and DJ!
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