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Great weekend!

I'm so tired today but I've had such a great and productive weekend. 

My FMIL came into town on Thursday night.  On Friday we went and got mani/pedis together and got to hang out.  Saturday was my bridal shower.  It was so much fun.  I had time before the shower with both moms which was great.  This morning after dropping Fi's mom off at the airport we went to brunch and then went and bought the carry on tote I wanted so I can start packing some of the must have items for the wedding.  

Am I the only bride who wants to start putting stuff in suitcases with about 6 weeks to go???

Re: Great weekend!

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    Thats great, im glad you had a nice weekend.   Sounds like you did alot of fun stuff.
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    Fun! It was probably nice to celebrate with the moms this weekend. It might be a smidgen to early to start packing but it can't hurt!
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    Sounds like a great weekend!

    I completely get the packing thing.  I am only one week before you and I made a packing list yesterday.  The only reason why I haven;t actually packed anything yet is because I don't own any luggage yet!
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    What a fun and relaxing weekend!!

    I really want to start packing we are leaving in just less than a month!!!!!!!! I got the suitcases we are using from my parents and grandparents this weekend :)
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    Sounds like a great weekend! and....YEP!! I want to pack ASAP!! hehe :)
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