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Nevada-Las Vegas


Francesca Lombardo - D+

I had a makeup and hair trial with Francesca when I went out on a pre-wedding trip.  We had plans to go to a dinner and a show the same day as my trial.  My trial was to start at 2pm.  I got a text message at around 115pm from Francesca stating that she would be a 15-30 minutes late - ok.  So we took our time at lunch and then I went back to the room while my friends hit the casino.  At around 2:50pm I got a phone call from Francesca stating she was still in traffic and would be another 30 minutes.  I had an appointment at 430pm with my wedding planner and that was a 30 minute drive.  I explained this and she said she did not want to rush and suggested she come by after our meeting with our wedding planner.  I agreed because what choice did I really have?  So at 6pm my fiancé and our friend went to the enjoy the dinner that we planned for 3 and I had my hair and makeup trial. 

I preface with saying Francesca seems like a very good person.  But I did not have her do my hair/makeup at my wedding.  The hair was done haphazardly.  For the trial I had her put my hair up in an updo.  As I walked to meet my fiancé and friend for a cirque show,  pieces of the hair style started to fall out!  During the show it got even looser!  If it couldn't survive a 5 minute walk - how could the style survive the whole wedding day?!  Also - as a woman who likes makeup I was not really paying someone to apply my makeup because I am unable to.  I can apply my makeup but who wants to stress the morning of their wedding?  Also - I can't afford "HD" ready makeup and the stuff that won't budge - that is why you are hiring a makeup artist.  Well I notice Francesca used drug store makeup - I saw Maybelline and Victoria secret's lip gloss.  The foundation was nonexistent.   And when I showed my gay best friend, all he could say was "Well you look like how you always do".  If that's the case - I really could not bring myself to dish over hundreds of dollars for that. 

Lastly - my whole day was very scheduled since I do NOT live in Las Vegas and I was highly inconvenienced by her inability to be on time.  One would think that when you hire someone to do a job and they completely inconvenience you and are embarrassingly late - they would refuse the trial fee or profusely apologize or at least try to come up with an excuse - I really am understanding!!   Francesca did NONE Of these things.  Just came in as if she was my only task for the day and took the payment in full!  Not someone I want a professional relationship with.  

Amelia C Makeup - A+++++

After I quickly let Francesca I would not be needing her services - I contacted my photographer and he recommended Amelia C.  She responded very quickly and answered all my panicked questions after such a bad trial!  She told me I would be working with Christa and Lisa the day of.  She answered every email in a quick and professional manner.  As far as my hair/makeup artists the day of I will just post my email to Amelia:

I just thought you might want to know about my wedding day with Christa and Lisa.  They arrived on time and started to get ready right away.  I have never met such a dynamic duo!  Lisa was so full of energy and put everyone at ease.  Christa was very calm and focused and did a fantastic job on everyone's hair.  My mother is so self conscious of her thinning hair but was in love with the work Christa did.  I also had my hair cut about 6 months ago and was afraid I would not be able to have the volume I wanted for my side bun - it looked AMAZING!  And did not budge ALL NIGHT!   Lisa was FANTASTIC as well.  She made everyone look GORGEOUS - again my mother and my little sister were so pleased with their makeup (they are a tough crowd because of their unhealthy self image of their beautiful selves!)  - it warmed my heart that they were so happy with the way they looked and both raved about the girls and how great they were.  Working with Lisa and Christa was one of the best times of the day - it was so calm and everyone was so happy afterwards. 

Ron Miller Photography - A+++++

Ron was a pleasure to work with from day one.  Communication was never an issue even when his fiancé had his son prematurely.  The day we had our engagement photoshoot he was on time and ready to work.  Even though I knew his personal life was very hectic, it did not affect his work or professionalism.  If it did -I would have completely understood!! The fact that he remained so professional in such a trying time really speaks volumes about his work ethic. 

The day of he guided us through everything from organizing a group shot to tell us how to cut the cake.  I really cannot think of a cooler person to tag along with my groom and I on our wedding day.  Ron is the best.  Don't be tempted by less expensive photographers - you really get what you pay for with Ron.  Communication, professionalism, punctuality, excellent unique photos, and a seriously cool guy!

Check out our blog post with some "Sneak Peeks" to see examples of his work:

Wynn Wedding Salons - Laquitter Drummer  - B+

Our wedding day was perfect - everything went very well.  We went with the Wynn (and the large price tag) for a few reasons.  We wanted a PRIVATE venue.  We wanted our OWN photographer (I refused to take a chance with cashman on my wedding day).  We wanted it outdoors.  So that narrowed us down to Caesar's Palace and Wynn.  At the time Caesar's took away the outside vendor fee and made you use their photographer so the decision was simple.  Our flowers were gorgeous, the primrose courtyard was gorgeous.  Our wedding planner was somewhat absent minded (had to repeat myself many different times) and communication was subpar, considering the price tag.  The day went wonderfully so I guess I can excuse all the headaches ahead of time.  I paid for chair covers and I guess they were 1 chair short and had to drag one out last minute - which is annoying since I communicated my number very clearly but whatever.  It did not affect the day.  Reverend Walters was wonderful. 

Trevi - Michelle Woodruff - A++++++

We initially went to Michelle when we were scouting reception venues and realized the mezzanine level would not be conducive to what we were thinking.  Later when we were brainstorming cocktail hour locations we immediately thought of Trevi and Michelle.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with, prices were reasonable, the atmosphere is magnificent, communication was excellent.  We had three signature drinks and she was so helpful in brainstorming and creating them!  If you have a small party or need a place for a cocktail hour, RUN to trevi and ask for Michelle!

AWG Transportation -- A

No problems booking, no problems calling and changing the reservation two weeks before.  Day of, they were nowhere to be found -when I called the two buses and the limo were at the END of the driveway instead of pulling up where the large group of people were - just a hiccup in the day but overall satisfied and no complaints.  We also needed a wheelchair lift and they had a bus where they could accommodate this.

Everything Entertainment -A


I was doing a destination wedding so I knew I had to find someone to try to take care of as much as possible for the reception since I really could not do it on my own.  Joe's recommended Everything Entertainment as a one stop shop for all my reception needs.  I worked with Constanza Arieza - she took care of the cake, DJ, centerpieces, linens, candy "bar".  The candy bar was slightly overpriced Everything looked great.   If you really do not want to deal with communicating with 10+ people (baker, linens, entertainment, etc) I would recommend Everything Entertainment.  My only real complaint was the DJ - did not really play everything we requested.

Beach Bum Vacations - Erin Justice Nikou-  A+++++


With planning a destination wedding - there was little time to plan a honeymoon.  So I went to my go to travel concierge, Erin, and she planned our whole honeymoon at the Grand Wailea in Maui Hawaii.  I did not have to worry about scouring travel websites and reading reviews.  I told her our budget, where we were thinking of going and she sent all the information on two resorts she recommended.  The Grand was AMAZING, flight was easy.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and we will cherish these memories forever and have Erin, our certified Travel Concierge to thank. 

Debi Fit for a Bride - A+++


Debi was  friendly, professional and did the job at a reasonable price.   It was a 5 minute drive from the Wynn, very easy to pick up.  All I wanted was a job well done without spending a fortune and a seamless process.  Debi did this and seems like a wonderful woman as well! :)

Joes - A++++

Nothing new to report here- excellent staff, excellent food, we were their number 1 priority.  GIgi room was PERFECT was for our size of 50 guests. 



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