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Hey girls,
Is anybody looking into getting bar hpper passes to bypass all the covers. I'm trying to figure out if anyone has found a legit site that offers them or anybody knows of people to contact about getting passes.

My guests and I will be there for about 5 nights and I'm sure we'd save if we bought some type of pass that lets us in and doesn't make us wait in lines.


Re: VIP Club Passes

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    Just came across this one, but have no experience with any of these services so I'm interested in hearing from locals.
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    My fiance and I thought the same way that you did!  We ended up calling/emailing a bunch of clubs and would explain our situation.  A lot of the clubs were very nice and helped us set up VIP/Bottle Service.  Since we will be in Vegas for 5 nights and we only have 20 people, we wanted to make sure that everyone had a lot of fun.  As far as club hopper passes, we didn't find too many, so we just contacted the clubs that we were most interested in.  The bottle service did seem a little expensive, but most of the clubs were willing to give some sort of a deal.  Good luck and let me know if you need any help :)
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