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destination Vegas travel agency?

Hello fellow knotties!

Has anyone ever used a travel agency or know of good one for destination Vegas? How about websites with good deals?

We're from Texas, and we're planning a wedding in Vegas for April. 

We're looking for roundtrip flight + hotel packages for 2- 3 nights for about 30-40 guests.

Thanks and God bless!

Re: destination Vegas travel agency?

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    no ive never used a travel agent...ive always just found deals online.

    If you are paying for all of those 30-40 guests I would say your best option would either be contacting a travel agent for a group rate or contacting southwest/aa/united/delta/jetblue or even what kind of group rate/vacation package they could offer you. I know with southwest, you can get a group rate on flights if 10 or more people will be on the same flight.

    If your just looking for info to pass out to those people to save them some $$...Ive had the best luck signing guests books at all the hotels websites...ive got some great deals ($77/weekend night @ mirage). Whenever I get a deal I forward it to their emails and post it on our family wedding website.

    Ive also signed up for and southwest "ding" thing.

    HTH : )
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    We used (and encouraged our guests) to use Southwest Vacations.  That's where we've found the best deals (from Kansas City) and it helps that 2 checked bags are free.  we also set up a hotel group rate though, incase our guests prefer to book their flight or hotel separately.
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    I know of a great travel agency and she can book group bookings for a great private message me for more info!

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